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Engineering Flawless 3D Printing

Nebraska engineer Prahalada Rao envisions 3D printing no less than revolutionizing the world. But first the process must overcome a tendency to create flaws. “People call it ‘print and go.’ I call it ‘print and pray,’” said Rao, assistant professor of mechanical and materials engineering. To produce flawless items every time, Rao is improving the […]

NEAT Labs Show Potential to Transform Manufacturing

A new, cutting-edge 3D printing laboratory is positioning Nebraska as a hub for additive manufacturing. Opened in spring 2018, the Nebraska Engineering Additive Technology Labs feature three unique hybrid 3D printers. They can add or subtract a variety of materials – from plastics to titanium – to create complex three-dimensional shapes using less material than […]

Cranking Up Fuel Cell Efficiency

Cars powered by hydrogen-based fuel cells have been environmentally friendly options for several years in California. But their hefty price tags are far less friendly, curtailing widespread adoption. Nebraska engineer Shudipto Dishari aims to both reduce fuel cell costs and improve energy efficiency. She earned a five-year, nearly $600,000 Faculty Early Career Development Program award […]