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Treating Pain Without Opioids

When you take an opioid pill for that painful back, your entire central nervous system mellows. Many people become addicted to that feeling or suffer other side effects. To help blunt the opioid crisis and help millions of pain sufferers, Nebraska biologist Paul Blum and his team created a drug that targets pain at its […]

Enhancing Nonviral Gene Therapy

Most gene therapies, a long-sought method for treating numerous medical conditions, have yet to achieve both safety and effectiveness. Nebraska biomedical engineer Angela Pannier’s novel research is finding ways to overcome the technique’s significant hurdles. For her achievements, Pannier received a 2017 National Institutes of Health Director’s New Innovator Award, an honor that supports exceptionally […]

Genetic Strategies Help Species Thrive Where They Live

As climate change leads to warmer winters, earlier springs and later autumns, many plants and animals are becoming out of sync with their environment. Some species may adapt, but will they adjust in time? The answer lies, in part, with the connection between information encoded in a species’ genes and the traits they evolved to […]

Understanding Population Turnover and Birds’ Social Networks

Birds of a feather may flock together, but the flock’s makeup is always changing. Population turnover – a universal process driven by birth, death, migration and dispersal – affects social networks of all kinds, from human to bird to cell. Yet many societies remain stable despite these demographic swings. Understanding this network resilience is the […]