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Data-driven Economics Research Highlights Gender Differences

Ann Mari May (left) and Mary McGarvey European male and female economists don’t agree on key economic issues – including whether women have an equal opportunity to share their differing views, a Nebraska study found. The authors surveyed economists in 18 European Union countries, providing the first systematic analysis of differences in views between male […]

Preparing Nebraska’s Child Welfare Workers

Deborah Porter assumed the university’s training to prepare her as a state child welfare worker would waste her time. She’d already trained in another state and didn’t think Nebraska could top it. “Wow! It opened my eyes,” said Porter, a child and family services specialist in Omaha. “There’s so much more I know now. I […]

Curbing Rural Drug Abuse

As the opioid crisis continues to plow through the Midwest, devastating rural communities, Nebraska sociologist Kirk Dombrowski has emerged as a leading researcher in rural drug use. Because previous drug epidemics – ‘70s speedballs, ‘80s cocaine and ‘90s crack – were urban phenomena, research and treatment have concentrated on urban drug addicts. Dombrowski’s focus on […]

Workshops Focus on Arctic Changes

Arctic hillsPhoto courtesy of Ned Rozell Nebraska researchers led workshops in Alaska and Nebraska to develop a highly interdisciplinary approach for enhancing Arctic resilience.  Supported by a new collaboration-intensive National Science Foundation program, the 2018 sessions united scientists, practitioners and stakeholders from the Arctic and mid-latitude locations like Nebraska. Participants devised strategies for managing rapid […]