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Tightening Cloud Computing Security

Imagine sharing a backyard with your neighbor. Security concerns would abound, from unwanted visitors to missing tools and unruly pets. Sheng Wei, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, said the perils of a shared backyard illustrate potential security challenges of a high-speed computing platform: the CPU-FPGA hybrid, an architecture that boosts cloud computing’s speed. […]

NEAT Labs Show Potential to Transform Manufacturing

A new, cutting-edge 3D printing laboratory is positioning Nebraska as a hub for additive manufacturing. Opened in spring 2018, the Nebraska Engineering Additive Technology Labs feature three unique hybrid 3D printers. They can add or subtract a variety of materials – from plastics to titanium – to create complex three-dimensional shapes using less material than […]

Nebraska’s Innovation Hub Fuels Growth

Nebraska Innovation Campus is reaping the rewards of thinking big. From supporting startups’ expansion, to becoming a community destination and offering facilities that draw international attention, the public-private innovation hub is fueling growth. Qinnan Yang, Nate Korth and Mallory Van Haute conduct research in the Nebraska Food for Health Center. A three-story, 80,000-square-foot building opened […]