Research at Nebraska 2021-2022 Report

Tag: Sustainable Food and Water Security



Startup Helps Farmers Fertilize Smarter

Nitrogen fertilizer is a key tool in crop production. But producers walk a tightrope to apply it efficiently. They need enough to boost yield, but fertilizer is expensive and overuse can harm the environment. Determining how much nitrate is available to crops is challenging, making precise application a struggle. To help farmers navigate this dilemma, […]

Imaging Tool Rapidly Assesses Seed Quality

Improving agriculture in a world that’s heating up and drying out isn’t solely about increasing yields. Nutritional quality is also crucial. While measuring yield is as easy as weighing grain, what’s inside seeds is harder to discern. To help improve the nutritional value of crops undergoing heat stress, Nebraska agronomist Harkamal Walia teamed with computer […]

Exploring Ag, Climate Resilience Through Collaboration

A collaborative international “network of networks” aims to explore agricultural and climate resilience and food and water security as never before. Nebraska ecologists Craig Allen and Tala Awada head a team that received a four-year, $400,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to establish the Network for Integrated Agricultural Resilience Research. The network will generate […]