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Craig Allen, Roch Gaussoin, Kristen Olson and James Takacs were named American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows in 2020. Fellows are selected by their peers for scientifically or socially distinguished achievements that advance science orits application. • Allen, professor of natural resources, was honored for contributions to resilience theory and its application to… Continue reading Accolades

Construction Projects Enhance Research and Learning

Despite the pandemic, Nebraska’s plans for major capital improvements haven’t wavered. The Gnotobiotic Mouse Facility – the nation’s first to be associated with a university food science department – was completed in late 2020. Construction is underway on facilities for engineering, speech-language pathology, and education and human sciences. When completed, these investments will enhance student… Continue reading Construction Projects Enhance Research and Learning

Five Huskers Earn CAREER Awards

With support from the National Science Foundation’s Faculty EarlyCareer Development Program, Nebraska researchers are unlockingRNA’s mysteries, advancing commutative algebra, improving drone performance, revolutionizing nanomaterials and studying magma’s composition. In 2021, five outstanding pre-tenure faculty members earned these prestigious awards, totaling $3.2 million. Background photo by Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock. Unraveling RNA’s Secrets Despite RNA’s starring role in… Continue reading Five Huskers Earn CAREER Awards

Press Hits Big with Baseball Books

A collection of UNP's baseball titles

If you think Nebraska is all about football fandom, you haven’t seen what the University of Nebraska Press offers baseball fans. Scan any list of must-read books on baseball, and you’ll typically find multiple offerings from the university’s press, one of the nation’s major publishers of baseball books. The general interest books focus primarily on… Continue reading Press Hits Big with Baseball Books

Museum Marks 150 Years with Creative Outreach

After months of pandemic limits or closures, the State Museum welcomed back in-person visitors during its 150th year.

The University of Nebraska State Museum’s 150th year was unlike any other, but the unprecedented circumstances set the stage for the future. The museum formally celebrated its anniversary in 2021, after reopening to visitors. “It has been a spring of hope,” said Susan Weller, museum director. “It’s wonderful to have visitors back in the museum.”… Continue reading Museum Marks 150 Years with Creative Outreach

Cather and Lewis: Capturing a Creative Partnership

Melissa Homestead

After Pulitzer Prize-winning author Willa Cather, renowned for her depictions of prairie life, died in 1947, her life partner of 38 years was reduced to an inconsequential footnote. Nebraska author Melissa Homestead restores Edith Lewis to her rightful place in Cather’s life and literary legacy in her new book, The Only Wonderful Things: The Creative… Continue reading Cather and Lewis: Capturing a Creative Partnership

History Informs Artist’s Ceramics Exhibit

Despite a long, dynamic history, ceramics is usually excluded from art history classes. When Nebraska ceramic artist Margaret Bohls sought to help her students appreciate ceramics as a historic art form, her research ultimately informed her own work. That exploration led, most recently, to Italian Studies, a collection of three groupings of vessels Bohls created… Continue reading History Informs Artist’s Ceramics Exhibit

Brain Holds Clues to Obesity Interventions

Timothy Nelson. Inset photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Imagine getting a glimpse of a brain’s reaction to the first sip of a delicious milkshake. Is it characterized by calm self-regulation – or overexcitement? Nebraska researchers are using this and other data as they study factors that affect adolescents’ and young adults’ health, with an eye toward finding intervention strategies to head off obesity,… Continue reading Brain Holds Clues to Obesity Interventions

Abusive Bosses Often ‘Fake Nice,’ Seldom ‘Make Nice’

Troy Smith. Photo by Garrett Stolz, College of Business.

Abusive bosses – you know, the ones who seem to enjoy demeaning employees – are unlikely to change, even if they appear repentant, according to a Nebraska-led study. Rather than making amends out of genuine contrition, most abusive managers engage in image control. Giving them a pass ultimately harms employee well-being and the organization over… Continue reading Abusive Bosses Often ‘Fake Nice,’ Seldom ‘Make Nice’