Research and Economic Development at a Glance

FY 2020 Federal Expenditures by agency

National Science Foundation (26%)

Department of Health and Human Services (Including NIH) (23%)

Department of Agriculture (19%)

Department of Energy (9%)

Department of Defense (8%)

Department of Transportation (6%)

Department of Education (4%)

Department of the Interior (2%)

Other (2%)

$320m Total Research Expenditures FY2020
$372m Economic impact of Nebraska Innovation Campus
1,948 Jobs Created Statewide by Nebraska Innovation Campus
1,508 Sponsored Research Awards
128 Student Internships Funded Through Nebraska Innovation Campus
19.2M Expenditures Supported by Industry Sponsorship
43% Increase in Research Expenditures over the last 10 years
1.5m Square feet of space for Research
77 University of Nebraska Ranking among the top 100 academic Institutions Receiving U.S. Patents, Ranked for the fourth consecutive year
$6.48m Licensing Income in FY 2021