Additional Training & Education

The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) staff and our colleagues in the Office of Research offer several training opportunities throughout the year, which we encourage you and your research teams to attend.  These training sessions provide insightful supplemental information and materials specific to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) IRB process. Some sessions have been recorded and are available on our Video Resources webpage.

General IRB Introductory or Advanced Sessions (scheduled by request)

These sessions are held by request only and are intended to provide resources, tools and hands-on training focused on requested topics related to the protection of human subjects in research.  While we have been requested to provide presentations and materials on advanced topics such as multi-institutional research and management of IRB approvals/agreements, we also provide introductory level training sessions that most attendees find very helpful.

Introductory training sessions are generally presented for research methods courses, a newly formed research lab or perhaps a department wishing to brush up on their IRB knowledge.  Introductory sessions generally cover the basics of IRB approval criteria, the process of IRB submission/review, the differing review levels, and explanations of how we determine which projects are subject to IRB review.

Sessions can be scheduled throughout the year.  We do request at least one week advance notice, if possible.  Please contact the IRB to schedule a training session today!

Research Administration Essentials (scheduled per semester)

Research Administration Essentials is a comprehensive education program offered by UNL’s Office of Research, bringing together existing and new instructional components to meet the research administration needs of faculty, staff, post docs and graduate students.

Research Administration Essentials includes a specific module titled “Research Responsibility” that many investigators find useful for basic information about the IRB and the protection of human subjects.

NUgrant Workshops (IRB Module) (scheduled per semester)

The NUgrant IRB training session covers how to use NUgrant (UNL’s electronic research submission system), how to prepare and submit forms, apply for continuing review, and request approval for modifications. NUgrant workshops are scheduled three times per semester or as needed.  Register your attendance for the next session.