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About Sponsored Programs

We support and guide the University of Nebraska-Lincoln community in obtaining and managing financial resources to enhance research, creative and scholarly activities. We provide pre-award and post-award services throughout the award life cycle. The director of sponsored programs serves as the institutional official for submitting, negotiating and accepting awards on behalf of the Board of Regents.

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Proposal Preparation

Your pre-award grant coordinator can help you with several aspects of proposal preparation, especially budget review, as well as guide you to other campus resources to help you prepare the best proposal possible.

Useful Links

Frequently used information
Budget preparation guidance
F&A rates (indirect costs)
Fringe benefit rates
Person months conversion chart
NIH application changes
Proposal preparation and submission roles and responsibilities
UNL background data/history
Proposal writing resources

Prior to Award

Pre-award grant coordinators in Sponsored Programs:
  • Serve as a liaison with external agencies
  • Provide campus clearance and proposal transmittals
  • Conduct negotiations
  • Review and accept awards
  • Maintain official university records on current proposal submissions and grants/contracts awarded
  • Provide reports of proposal submissions and grant/contract award activity

Useful Links

Proposal & Pre-Proposal Routing Requirements
Pre-Award Negotiations
Pre-Award Spending

After the Award

The post-award project specialists in the Office of Sponsored Programs:

  • Provide financial management for awards
  • Assist with other aspects of award management
  • Assist with reporting and closeout
  • Coordinate audits

Useful Links

Managing awards
Managing subawards
Documenting cost sharing
Effort reporting (PARs)
Closing an award
Participating in reviews & audits

Electronic Administration Links

Electronic Research Administration (eRA) is the general term applied to information technology solutions and support for the full life cycle of grants administration functions, from identification of new funding opportunities, to submission and review of grant applications and proposals, to management of subsequent grant and contract awards.

Grants.Gov is the federal government's primary initiative in electronic research administration. Most agencies that currently use eRA software require investigators to register through their home institutions. At UNL, please contact your Sponsored Programs grants coordinator.

Useful Links
NSF Fastlane
NIH eRA Commons
NSPIRES: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Funding Opportunities

A number of resources can serve as starting points to guide you to potential sponsors for your research.

Useful Links

Funding Announcements
Limited Submissions
Nebraska EPSCoR Current Program Announcements
Undergraduate Opportunities/UCARE
Foundation Center

Training and Development

Staff members from Sponsored Programs provide training through the twice-yearly NURAMP workshop series. Topics include, among other things, proposal and budget preparation, award administration, effort reporting, using, and NUgrant Basics.

Sponsored Programs staff members also hold regular meetings with department liaisons to discuss new information, address current issues and provide policy updates. Contact Mary Ellen Reeves or Andrea Schreiber to have your name added to the Liaison list.

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Register for NURAMP workshops