Proposal Preparation and Submission Roles and Responsibilities

All proposals, after review and approval, are submitted by an authorized official (the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs) on behalf of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. All proposals must have a designated Principal Investigator.

All proposals must be submitted to Sponsored Programs for review and transmittal to the sponsor in advance of the sponsor’s published deadline.  Please allow as much time as possible for:

  1. Internal routing of draft information and budgets via NUgrant
  2. Sponsored Programs to review the complete proposal package and provide feedback on any necessary or recommended changes
  3. Investigators to implement changes and return revisions to Sponsored Programs
  4. Sponsored Programs to recheck and transmit the proposal

Note: Most electronic systems now require time for proposal validation before the proposal is considered received. On heavy deadline days, this can a few minutes to several hours.

Here is a brief, generic overview of the proposal preparation process.



(and co-investigators, if any)

  • Files annual disclosure of interest

NOTE: start the routing process in sufficient time so the proposal reaches OSP at least two days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline.


Dean/department chair

(and any others whose approval may be required)

Approves the proposal, including any promised cost share, as it routes through NUgrant.


Office of Sponsored Programs grants coordinator

Reviews the proposal for conformance with university and sponsor requirements. Works with PI to ensure compliance.


Authorized institutional official

(Jeanne Wicks, Director of Sponsored Programs)

Endorses the proposal for submission to the sponsor on behalf of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents.


Office of Sponsored Programs grants coordinator

Submits the proposal (either electronically or in hard copy) according to the sponsor’s requirements.