Research Administration Essentials

Research Administration Essentials Workshop Series

Research Administration Essentials workshops are designed to assist those involved in the administration of research grants for the University of Nebraska.

This program is being updated and transitioned from classroom sessions to on-demand online programming. During this transition, the classroom sessions are not offered at this time. Your Sponsored Programs grant specialist is available to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

About Research Administration Essentials

Research Administration Essentials is a comprehensive education program offered by the Office of Research and Economic Development, bringing together existing and new instructional components to meet the research administration needs of faculty, staff, postdoctoral associates and graduate students. The mission of Research Administration Essentials is to ensure that important research at the University of Nebraska continues to move forward, in compliance with funding requirements and in support of the principles of institutional integrity and credibility.

The program provides the university’s research community with an improved understanding of research regulations, policies and procedures, as well as access to vital resources and contacts for further assistance in managing research projects and programs. All Research Administration Essentials educational activities and resources are available to any university employee or student engaged in research and creative activity, as well as administrative staff who support research at the program, department or college level by planning, managing and/or administering grant-funded or sponsored projects.