University/Industry Collaborations at UNL

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s long history of involvement with economic development in Nebraska and collaboration with industry in the support of research, teaching, and public service reflects the University’s land-grant origins. Industry Relations works to advance private-public partnerships that involve the university with a focus on facilitating collaborative activities with industry, including:

  • Direct or cooperative funding of research
  • Licensing of university-owned patents and technology
  • Professional development, continuing education and training
  • Student internships and recruitment
  • Professional and scientific exchange programs
  • Industry participation on university advisory boards or consortia
  • Use of specialized university facilities
  • Research and development facilities of industries housed on University property
  • Faculty consulting
  • Philanthropic support of academic units, research centers, programs or individuals

Industry Relations works to make the experience of connecting industry with UNL resources efficient and uncomplicated. To do this, Industry Relations professionals coordinate with a number of UNL administrative offices, academic and research units, and individuals, including:

Get in touch

The best way to connect with UNL resources and learn about the advantages the university can offer your company is to meet the right people and see the appropriate facilities, ideally in person. Industry Relations is a central point of contact for industry involvement with UNL. Industry Relations professionals will work with you to create customized interaction with faculty, staff and students and tours of or information about technologies, facilities and instrumentation of interest to your business. To connect your business with UNL resources, contact Industry Relations at 402.472.4135.