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The 2014-2015 UNL Research Report features some of the diverse research, scholarship and creative activity at the heart of UNL’s research enterprise. This website includes stories, photos, videos and additional resources.


Research Driving Nanomaterials’ Huge Potential

Scientists and engineers in UNL’s Materials Research Science and Engineering Center lead basic research needed to create a new generation of electronic and computing technologies.


Making Solar Energy More Affordable

Solar energy remains tantalizingly out of reach as a widely used power source, but a UNL engineer is making big strides in his quest to harness the sun.


Reducing Cost of Harnessing the Wind

Turbine maintenance is a major expense for wind power production. UNL engineers are developing technology to cut those costs.


Seeking Rural Drug Prevention Strategies

Roughly 80 percent of injecting drug users in rural Puerto Rico have hepatitis C and about 7 percent have HIV. A UNL sociologist is studying how drug users’ social lives influence disease spread. This could lead to effective prevention strategies for rural areas.


Finding Poetry Amid Historic News Pages

Spotting poetry amid millions of historic newspaper pages is dauntingly difficult. A UNL computer scientist and a digital humanities librarian teamed up to solve the problem by developing a computer program that uses visual clues to find poetry.


Tracking Molecular Clues to ALS

UNL biochemists are investigating a promising lead on one of the causes of ALS, a devastating neuromuscular disorder, and other degenerative diseases. This research may lead to effective therapies to fight these currently incurable, age-related diseases.


Drought Center Helps Plan for Inevitable

California’s epic drought grabbed the nation’s attention this year. But climate scientists at UNL’s National Drought Mitigation Center have been training governments and institutions to plan and prepare for such disasters since 1995.


Partners Settle in at Innovation Campus

Momentum abounds at Nebraska Innovation Campus as more researchers, students and private partners settle into state-of-the-art facilities.


Digital Tools Reveal Ancient Architectural Details

Greece’s ancient Parthenon and other Doric temples still inspire awe and disagreement. A UNL art historian is using cutting-edge technology previously untested on an architectural scale to challenge the prevailing theory about the origin of the oldest known Greek architectural style.



Latest Stories

Peeling onions: Layered nanosphere shows biomedical promise
September 22, 2016

An international research team has published the simplest known recipe for a nanoscopic “onion” that could more precisely release therapeutic drugs or genes as the body peels it away.


Brain Research
Project aims to help schools diagnose, manage concussions
September 19, 2016

Scott Napolitano, assistant professor of practice in educational psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has earned a $1.1 million grant to develop evidence-based training that will help schools diagnose and manage cases of concussion and mild traumatic brain injury in students.


Food Science
Nebraska Food for Health Center to unite strengths in agriculture, medicine
September 16, 2016

The Nebraska Food for Health Center, a more than $40 million initiative to improve the lives of people around the world, was launched today at the University of Nebraska.


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September 1, 2016
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August 25, 2016
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