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Research at Nebraska Surprising Discovery Contradicts Predictions

In a first-of-its-kind experiment, a Nebraska researcher upends longstanding theories about the fundamental interactions between X-rays and matter. His findings lay the foundation for future studies and open the door to engineering improved materials.

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Research at Nebraska Laser Creates Surfaces that Mimic Nature

A Nebraska engineer harnesses the unique properties of biological systems to develop specialized metal structures. The resulting laser-made surfaces are a boon to the military, NASA, medicine and national defense.

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Research at Nebraska Prospecting with Biosensors at Home or in the Field

Hand-held biosensors could make it easier, faster and cheaper to detect a variety of metals. By developing these portable metal-detecting devices, a Nebraska chemist could revolutionize how experts and homeowners explore for gold, test groundwater and detect air contaminants.

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Latest Stories

Communication Studies
During terminal illness, hope has a dark side
June 22, 2017

It’s said that everyone grieves differently. New research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln illustrates hope takes on different forms, too, and may be harmful.


Early Childhood
Researcher examines enhancing preschool science instruction
June 20, 2017

Soo-Young Hong of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is exploring how a professional development program could help preschool teachers integrate science into their daily classroom activities. She is conducting the study alongside Brazilian researchers as part of the Nebraska/Brazil Early Childhood Initiative.


In the News
Chancellor Green to be awarded national association’s highest honor
June 14, 2017

Five University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty and administrators have earned national awards from the American Society of Animal Science — including Chancellor Ronnie Green, who has been selected to receive the national association’s most prestigious honor.


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