Staff Directory

Sherri Jones

Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
Dean and Velma Warren Hodder Professor, College of Education and Human Sciences

The Office of Research and Economic Development provides the leadership, services and infrastructure that assist faculty and support growth in research, scholarly and creative activity. ORED’s goal is to cultivate an innovative environment that transforms lives and learning through research and economic development. ORED works in partnership with vice chancellors, deans, center directors and department chairs to achieve these goals.

Office of the Vice Chancellor

301 Canfield Administration Building Lincoln, NE 68588-0433

Name Title E-mail Phone
Rick Bevins
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research 402-472-2851
Heather Borck
Research Development Program Coordinator 402-472-4090
Jocelyn Bosley
Research Impact Coordinator 402-472-7055
Becky Carter
Organizational Development Specialist 402-472-3136
Mekenzie Clover
Research Portfolio Manager II 402-472-4050
Tony Delaney
Research Project Manager I 402-472-0346
AJ Fabry
Human Resources Coordinator 402-472-3303
Nick Glass
Research Building Systems Lead Technician 402-310-8809
Mari Greer
Administrative Coordinator 402-472-2851
Mary Guest
Executive Assistant 402-472-3123
Deb Hamernik
Senior Research Advisor 402-472-7540
Jessica Herrmann
Director of Government Relations 402-472-3554
Tiffani Hix
Director, Project Management Office 402-472-7034
Sherri Jones
Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
Dean and Velma Warren Hodder Professor, College of Education and Human Sciences 402-472-3123
Alian Kasabian
Research Data and Security Liaison 402-472-6145
Lisa Maupin
Events & Outreach Manager 402-472-0030
Nathan Meier
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Development 402-472-3902
Jennifer Nelson
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Research Integrity Officer 402-472-0321
Brad Roth
Executive Director of NUtech Ventures and Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Development 402-472-1783
Ashley Stengel
Research Portfolio Manager II 402-472-7034
Petrina Suiter
External Recognition and Awards Coordinator 402-472-1185
Stephanie Vendetti
Events Coordinator 402-472-6566
Elyse Watson
Research Project Manager I 402-472-4375
Ember Welsch
Human Resources Coordinator Lead 402-472-4563
Chris Yeaw
Research Director for Nuclear Programs 318-532-1348
Becky Zavala
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research 402-472-0735

Industry Relations

Nebraska Innovation Campus, 2021 Transformation Dr., Suite 2220, Lincoln NE 68583-6202

Name Title E-mail Phone
Ryan Anderson
Director of Industry Relations 402-472-4069
Kara Kugler-Wright
Capstone Development Manager 402-472-5169

Institutional Animal Care Program

110 Mussehl Hall, 38th & Fair Street, Lincoln, NE 68583-0720
Phone 402-472-4486; fax 402-472-5887; email

Name Title E-mail Phone
Melissa Bausch
Senior Clinical Veterinarian 402-472-7536
Jesse Baumann-Berg
IACP Technician III 402-472-5742
Megan Ebbers
IACP Assistant Director 402-472-4486
Anna Fitzwater
Clinical Veterinarian/IACP Assistant Director 402-472-5361
Kelly D. Heath
Director, IACP; Attending Veterinarian 402-472-6958
Shiloh Heuertz
IACP Technician II 402-472-7604
Jessica Jones
IACP Specialist 402-472-0765
Stefanie Kremer
IACP Technician II 402-472-3570
Sarah Smith
IACP Technician II 402-472-3566
Jadyn Taylor
IACP Technician II 402-472-4813
Katelin VanDerslice
IACP Facility Supervisor 402-472-8858
Cedric Wooledge
IACP Technician II 402-472-7619
Cindy Wooledge
IACP Veterinary Technician 402-472-0898

Proposal Development

2200 Vine Street, 379 Prem S. Paul Research Center at Whittier School, Lincoln, NE 68583-0862

Name Title E-mail Phone
Amanda Bohlin
Proposal Development Coordinator 402-472-1161
Matthew Dwyer
Senior Proposal Development Coordinator 402-472-1661
Tisha Gilreath Mullen
Director, Proposal Development 402-472-2894
Jaclyn Tan
Proposal Development Specialist 402-472-3813

Research Communications

2200 Vine Street, 379 Prem S. Paul Research Center at Whittier School, Lincoln, NE 68583-0864

Name Title E-mail Phone
Nick Kumpula
Research Communications Specialist 402-472-3818
Tiffany Lee
Senior Research Writer and Editor 402-472-1808
Dan Moser
Research Communications Specialist 402-472-1804
Ashley Washburn
Director, Research Communications 402-472-3760

Research Compliance Services

2200 Vine Street, 275 Prem S. Paul Research Center at Whittier School, Lincoln, NE 68583-0863
Phone (402) 472-6965; fax (402) 472-6048; email:

Name Title E-mail Phone
Kaela Evans
Export Control Compliance Specialist 402-472-7183
Becky Freeman
Research Compliance Services Specialist III 402-472-8127
Riley Kimbrough
Conflict of Interest Compliance Specialist 402-472-1892
Saumi Mathews
Research Compliance Services Specialist III 402-472-1839
Sara Quinn
Director of Research Compliance Services and Research Integrity 402-472-4491
Joshua Renner
Research Compliance Services Specialist II 402-472-0807
Erik Schulz
Export Control Coordinator I 402-472-6929
Ryan Thompson
Conflict of Interest Coordinator II 402-472-6907
Rachel Wenzl
Associate Director, Single IRB (sIRB) Contact 402-472-8196

Research Finance and Information Systems

301 Canfield Administration Building Lincoln, NE 68588-0433

Name Title E-mail Phone
Erin Coufal
Lead Research Business Services Specialist 402-472-6743
Jessica Cronin
Research Business Services Specialist 402-472-7962
Shelly Cutsor
Director of Research Finance 402-472-1870
Brande Dicks
Research Business Services Specialist 402-472-3279
Elenita Donley
Press Accounts Payable Associate 402-472-7711
Mark Garrett
Morrison Business Center Building Operations Associate 402-430-2638
Julie Koch
Finance Associate 402-472-5256
Kate Madsen
Research Business Services Finance Coordinator 402-472-1819
LD Miller
Research Process Analyst 402-472-1733
Jess Weaver
Morrison Business Center Administrative Technician 402-472-1714

Sponsored Programs

2200 Vine Street, 151 Prem S. Paul Research Center at Whittier School, Lincoln, NE 68583-0861

Name Title E-mail Phone
Mardi Bonner
Grants Associate 402-472-3775
Calley Bundy
Project Specialist III 402-472-6669
Kate Carlin
Pre-Award Team Lead 402-472-3601
Abbey Creglow
Project Specialist I 402-472-4334
Paul Davis
Grants Coordinator III 402-472-3765
Charley Firestone
Project Specialist III 402-472-6321
Aaron Funk
Assistant Director 402-730-8918
Belinda Gillam
Project Specialist Team Lead 402-472-7061
Craig Goodrich
Pre-Award Team Lead 402-472-3154
Heather Hulinsky
Awards Coordinator II 402-472-3367
Hannah Kahler
Assistant Director 402-472-6327
Aurora Kenworthy
Contracts Negotiator 402-472-3371
Andrea Koeber
Electronic Research Administration Specialist 402-472-0867
Elzbieta Korlacka
Project Specialist I 402-472-4370
Cassidy Kosena
Project Specialist II 402-472-2482
Melina Luethje
Grants Coordinator I 402-472-3580
Suzan Lund
Associate Director 402-472-1930
Kathi Malone
Project Specialist Team Lead 402-472-3430
Sam Mombou
Director of Sponsored Programs 402-472-1825
Craig Mulligan
Project Specialist III 402-472-1453
Terri Murray
Project Specialist II 402-472-3112
Kristen Ohnoutka
Awards Setup Administrator 402-472-8036
Gamze Randolph
Grants Coordinator II 402-472-6174
Ben Rogers
Project Specialist II 402-472-9171
Bailey Rosberg
Awards Coordinator I 402-472-3164
Brian Sabata
Assistant Director 402-472-3739
Dennis Shannon Jr
Grants Coordinator III 402-472-3244
Nathan Sheldon
Contracts Manager 402-472-1649
Charlotte Straley
Grants Coordinator II 402-472-1871
Samantha Swanson
Awards Coordinator III 402-472-0869
Renee Welstead
Grants Coordinator I 402-472-4322
Connie Wieser
Operations Support Associate 402-472-3788
Jennifer Wilcox
Project Specialist I 402-472-8633
Xuan (Jenny) Zhang
Project Specialist III 402-472-1894