Research Development at Nebraska

Research development involves capacity building and catalytic activities that enhance faculty success and increase institutional competitiveness.

At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), the research development group within the Office of Research and Economic Development provides services and programs to:


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Proposal Development
Assistance planning and writing winning proposals.

Research Impact
Assistance maximizing societal outcomes of scholarly work.

Faculty External
Recognition and Awards

Assistance applying or being nominated for an external honor.


UNL’s research development group organizes professional learning programs to position faculty for success and compete for specific funding opportunities. Current offerings include:


Amanda Bohlin

Proposal Development Coordinator

Jocelyn Bosley

Research Impact Coordinator

Matthew Dwyer

Senior Proposal Development Coordinator

Tisha Gilreath Mullen

Director, Proposal Development

Nathan Meier

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Development

Katie Pelland

Senior Proposal Development Coordinator

Petrina Suiter

External Recognition and Awards Coordinator

Jaclyn Tan

Proposal Development Specialist