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Husker research delves into breast milk consumption, brain development

February 3, 2023

Research has revealed that breastmilk consumption can help promote healthy brain development in infants, but not all infants are able to receive breastmilk due to a number of factors. A newly-awarded $638,000 federal grant is funding a Husker research initiative on the subject.


veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences

New vaccine platform could ease development, delivery of virus-fighters

February 3, 2023

To many, EV stands for “electric vehicle.” To researchers at Harvard University and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, it’s shorthand for another vehicle — this one nanoscopic — that might help streamline the development and delivery of vaccines worldwide.


College of Law

Team earns $1M grant to bridge connections between history, civil rights

February 1, 2023

A Husker team is launching a curricular, research and collaboration hub that will position the University of Nebraska–Lincoln as a national leader in education and scholarship focused on the relationship between U.S. law and race in American history.


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