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Virtual immune system roadmap unveiled

May 20, 2022

An article published May 20 in Nature Digital Medicine provides a step-by-step plan for an international effort to create a digital twin of the human immune system.


Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Mayfield tornadoes inspire TORUS researcher

May 17, 2022

After tornadoes hit near his family home outside Mayfield, Kentucky, meteorology student Dallas McKinney decided to learn more about the weather forces that create the often-lethal storms. That curiosity led him to join the Nebraska-led TORUS team that departed May 16 to track storms through June 17 across the Great Plains from Texas to the Canadian border.



Weather Ready Farms program rolling out to Nebraska

May 16, 2022

Nebraska is likely as well-known for its ever-changing weather as it is for its agriculture, and Nebraska Extension is rolling out a new program to help ag producers prepare for weather and climate phenomena.


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