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Proposal Routing Requirements in NUgrant

The Sponsored Programs Module in NUgrant is UNL’s internal system for tracking and approving external funding provided to the University for sponsored projects. NUgrant also serves as a repository for records of all proposal submissions, agreements for funded projects, and other important documents throughout a sponsored project’s lifecycle.

Before a proposal for external funding can be submitted to a sponsoring agency, the project information needs to be internally reviewed and approved by the project’s key stakeholders. The key stakeholders for each sponsored project include:

  • Key personnel performing the proposed work. At a minimum this includes the Principal Investigator (PI), but may also include Co-PIs and/or other senior personnel
  • Administrative personnel in the departments, colleges, or centers. This includes Deans, Department Chairs, and/or Departmental Grant Specialists

Each NUgrant form should contain the basic information needed to understand the scope of the work being proposed, including:

Once this information is entered into the form, it is electronically routed to the key stakeholders. Each stakeholder receives an email signifying that the form is routing and ready for their review. These individuals can then either approve the form or decline the form in order to make major corrections.  Please contact the pre-award grants coordinator prior to declining a form to see if they can make the needed edits without needing to decline the form.  If a form is declined, it will require re-routing and re-approval from any stakeholders who had previously approved the form.

When reviewing a NUgrant form for approval, please consider the following:

Should you have any questions, please reach out to the PI, the departmental specialist or the pre-award coordinator involved in the project.