Change of Key Personnel

When must an internal change form be completed?
An internal change form is required anytime the Principal Investigator on a project needs to change or the sponsor requires prior written approval to change “Key Personnel” (this term may be defined differently by different sponsors, but generally includes all faculty members and other researchers making a significant contribution to the project). 

Where do I find the internal change form?
The form to complete is found at

What additional documents may be needed?
Some sponsors may require biographical sketches, current and pending, etc. as well as a justification for any changes to the PI or Key Personnel.

Who must sign off on the internal change form?
All Colleges and VCR Centers, both old and new, must sign off on the form.

How is the Distribution Spreadsheet in the internal change form used?
Changing key personnel in NuRamp is a manual process.  The distribution spreadsheet tells the Office of Sponsored Programs exactly which personnel should be listed in a NuRamp form, what department and college they should be listed under, any VCR Centers and affiliations to be included, and the %Credit, %F&A, and effort that should be listed for each individual.  The distribution spreadsheet must include all personnel that need to be listed in the NuRamp form with their corresponding allocation information exactly as it needs to look.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
Please email with any questions regarding the change form process.