COI Policy and Regulations

UNL Conflict of Interest in Research Policy

This policy is specific to UNL and outlines requirements for compliance. It has been updated to maintain compliance with federal regulations and became effective August 24, 2012.

University of Nebraska Board of Regents Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy

This policy outlines principles for all NU campuses regarding COI and conflict of commitment. While addressed in the same Board of Regents policy, oversight of conflict of commitment is the responsibility of each administrative unit (Academic Affairs, Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources or Student Affairs, etc.) and not Research Compliance Services. Conflict of commitment policies apply to a broader range of individuals at UNL and not just sponsored research investigators.

 U.S. Public Health Service Final Rule: Promoting Objectivity in Research

The Public Health Service (PHS) first established rules regarding conflict of interest in 1995. The revised regulation was released in 2011 and became effective August 24, 2012. Currently, UNL is only applying the stricter requirements to researchers seeking funding from PHS and those funding agencies that have decided to adopt these regulations.

Department of Energy Interim Conflict of Interest Policy Requirements for Financial Assistance

The Department of Energy (DOE) released an interim conflict of interest policy on December 20, 2021. The new policy imposes stricter rules regarding conflict of interest, similar to the PHS Final Rule. UNL is applying the stricter requirements to researchers seeking funding from the DOE.

Related Policies

The following policies are not specific to conflicts of interest in research.  However, because the COI/COC Disclosure combines both disclosure of outside activities and conflicts of interest in research you should be aware of the below guidance.  In addition, conflict of commitment and purchasing, while not managed by Research Compliance Services, can be potential conflicts that may arise in completion of your institutional responsibilities.

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