The Conflict of Interest (COI) Program manages all COI/COC Disclosures for the UNL community and provides support to the UNL Conflict of Interest Committee. The COI program also maintains the University’s conflict of interest policies, guidelines, and procedures and strives to ensure compliance with all federal regulations and University policies. Additionally, the COI program works with leadership and supervisors from the various areas of campus regarding Outside Professional Activities.

The COI program and policies regulate actual, potential, or perceived financial, monetary, or other conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment. Broadly speaking, a conflict of interest (COI) and/or commitment (COC) is a situation in which a primary interest has the potential to be inappropriately influenced by a secondary interest.

It is important to recognize that a conflict of interest is a situation, not a behavior. Having a COI/COC is not an accusation of wrongdoing. There are ethical ways of addressing these concerns and UNL’s COI program attempts to help address this through a variety of mechanisms, including but not limited to the establishment of management plans. For example, a COI may require formal disclosure of the financial interest in affected publications and presentations as well as informing students affected by the COI. More information can be found on the COI Policy and Regulations webpage.

Disclosure for UNL is on a rolling basis and completed via the COI/COC Disclosure form in NuRamp. Employees utilize their TrueYou credentials to login. Training and disclosure is contained within the same form. Once one disclosure is completed, the NuRamp system is programmed to provide reminders to you and your supervisor(s) on an annual basis.

Please reference our additional COI/COC information (FAQs, A-Z Guidance, Video Resources etc) on the webpages in the drop-down menu above.

If you have questions about the COI review process or a public accessibility request (described below), please contact:

Research Compliance Services
2200 Vine St., Ste. 275
Lincoln, NE 68583-0863
(402) 472-6965

Public accessibility requirement

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the United States Department of Energy regulations, the public has the right to obtain information regarding conflicts of interest for any Public Health Services (PHS) and/or DOE funded Investigators or Key Personnel.  The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will supply this information, within five business days, upon receipt of a written request.

Written requests may be sent via email or mail to the above contact information.