RCR Education & Training

Depending on funding source (NSF, USDA-NIFA and/or NIH), you may be required to complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training.  Those needing to complete RCR training may do so either through CITI may complete the in-person training discussed below.  In general, most funding requirements can be satisfied via completion of online CITI RCR training; however, before you begin a course we encourage you to confirm which training you are required to take.

If you are required to take online training and to ensure ease of CITI training registration, first identify whether you are a new user or you are already a registered user through CITI.  The process of selecting your course will be different based on your current status.

Upon navigating to the website, please be aware that UNL does not subscribe to the use of Single Sign On (SSO).  Usernames and passwords are chosen by the user.


    1. Create your user account through the CITI website (www.citiprogram.org).

      • You will be requested to complete a series of questions or provide information specific to your UNL affiliation. Here are just a few tips to ensure a smooth account set-up:
        • UNL is listed by the full name under the “Participating Institutions” heading. Please select “University of Nebraska – Lincoln.”
        • This training does NOT require payment from the trainee/user if you are completing this training for UNL purposes. In other words, we do not require CME/CEU credits or registration as an Independent Learner.  If this is selected as an option, this is the responsibility of the user to pay for any fees assessed.
        • The email address you enter does not have to be your UNL email address but it should be one that is used frequently so that you do not miss important reminders to refresh your training. Most UNL users will enter their email associated with their Blackboard/Canvas account.
        • Page 6 of the registration form will ask you to provide your institutional email address. Please feel free to use the same email address as before.
    2. Select the “Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)” course on page 7 of the registration process.
      • Step 7: Choose “Responsible Conduct of Research.” DO NOT complete the Human Subjects Research course unless you have been given specific instruction to do so.
      • More than one selection can be made when signing up through the new user registration process. If you have selected more than one course and it pertains to human subjects protections (i.e., IRB) or Conflict of Interest (COI), please refer to the human subjects training instructions or COI training instructions page for further guidance.


      • Login to your user account through the CITI website (www.citiprogram.org).
      • If you have forgotten your username/password, you can retrieve this through the CITI website.
        • STARTED YOUR CITI ACCOUNT WITH UNL: If you no longer use any emails that are currently registered with your account AND you were originally affiliated with UNL, please contact Research Compliance Services.  RCS staff have administrative access and would be able to add a new email address that will allow you to maintain the current account with all past reports.
        • STARTED YOUR CITI ACCOUNT AT A DIFFERENT INSTITUTION: CITI allows retrieval of account information via their website; however, if you no longer use any emails that are currently registered with your account AND you did not originally affiliate with UNL you should contact CITI to regain access to your previous account.
        • If you can access your previous account, you may receive credit at UNL for any previously completed human subjects training but will not receive previous credit for any COI or RCR training.
      • To select the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course please follow these steps:
        1. Start by ensuring you have selected the “University of Nebraska – Lincoln Courses” on the Main Menu if you are perhaps affiliated with multiple institutions.
        2. Click “Add a Course”
        3. Once on the next screen, please down to the bottom of the page and select, “Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).”
        4. On the next page select the “RCR Biomedical Sciences” course regardless of whether or not you conduct biomedical sciences research. This course is applicable to all areas of science and meets UNL’s requirements.
        5. Note: Do not complete the Human Subjects Research course unless you have been given specific instruction to do so.


Beginning and Completing a Course

      • You must complete the Integrity Assurance Statement to begin the course by clicking on the actual title of the statement.
      • All required modules must be completed in order to receive credit for the training course.
      • After you have completed the training, you are encouraged save a copy of your completion report for your own records. You may also want to provide a copy of the certificate to your department office or your advisor.

Training Record Maintenance and Updates

      • Training completed by all users is manually recorded and maintained via NUgrant by Research Compliance Services staff and is updated at least every 48 hours during business days if not more based on individual deadlines.


Please note that the Canvas training course is an additional resource and does not satisfy the NIH, NSF and USDA NIFA requirements.

An optional RCR training module is available to some students (such as those involved in the UCARE program) in Canvas through Graduate Studies. Please contact Graduate Studies for instructions on enrolling in the course.

RCR Training Workshop

All University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers (Trainees, fellows, participants, and scholars) supported by funding from the NIH are required to complete and pass the Basic Biomedical RCR modules of the CITI Program.

Those receiving certain NIH support requiring in-person training, are required to complete face-to-face faculty and staff led workshops consisting of a series of short lectures, discussions and presentations of cases on scientific integrity and responsible conduct in research.

The Responsible Conduct in Research Workshop covers the following areas:

Faculty/Staff Participation: The Institutional Official, Director of Research Compliance, and other faculty or staff are lead instructors in the workshop who contribute to the rich discussions that characterize the training.

Duration: The RCR Workshop consists of eight classroom hours, delivered in two-hour class meetings scheduled during consecutive weeks during each semester. Attendees are required to complete all eight contact hours of the sessions.

Frequency: The workshops are usually scheduled twice per year during both the Spring and Fall semesters. Additional workshops may be scheduled depending on participant enrollment and demand.

After completion of the workshop an “RCR Completion Letter” is provided to the attendee and a record of such is maintained by Research Compliance Services.

Spring 2019 in-person training dates are currently closed. The upcoming Fall schedule will be posted in the near future.
February 7 and 14, 2019 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Room 152, Prem S. Paul Research Center at Whittier School (22nd and Vine)

Learning Video Vignettes

UNL’s Research Compliance Services created several video vignettes exploring dilemmas often experienced by faculty and graduate students in areas of research misconduct, conflicts of interest and authorship designation.

Please note that the videos are additional resources and do not satisfy the NIH, NSF and USDA NIFA requirements.