NUgrant Training Sessions


Workshops on using NUgrant to route proposals and submit IRB protocols will be offered several times as part of the fall 2018 NURAMP workshop series. Please check back late-July for workshop dates.

NUgrant Proposal Routing Module
The NUgrant sponsored programs module for proposal routing allows users to see all information about a single project in one “project view,” encompassing multiple years, awards or phases of a project. The module is interactive with other modules, enabling the user to link a proposal to its compliance protocols. This session covers logging on, submitting and routing a proposal and basic reporting functions.

NUgrant IRB and COI Module
This session will address key elements of the NUgrant IRB and Interest and Activity Management (IAM/COI) online forms. We will discuss essential information to include in your request for approval to involve human subjects in your research as well as the annual requirements for Conflict of Interest disclosure.