Nebraska begins search for next executive vice chancellor

Bob Wilhelm

Troy Fedderson, May 21, 2019

Nebraska begins search for next executive vice chancellor

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is launching a national search to hire its next executive vice chancellor of academic affairs.

Chancellor Ronnie Green announced May 21 that a 30-member committee made up of faculty, staff, students and stakeholders will guide the search.

The search committee will be led by co-chairs Eileen Hebets, professor of biological sciences; and Bob Wilhelm, vice chancellor for research and economic development and Kate Foster Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Other members of the committee include:

  • Preeta Bansal, senior global executive, former White House general counsel, and member of the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts advisory board;
  • Marco Barker, vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion;
  • Nicole Buan, associate professor of biochemistry;
  • Josh Davis, assistant vice chancellor for global engagement;
  • Kwame Dawes, Chancellor’s Professor of English and Glenna Luschei Editor of Prairie Schooner;
  • Carrick Detweiler, Susan J. Rosowski Professor of Computer Science and Engineering;
  • Dipti Dev, Betti and Richard Robinson Professor of Early Childhood in Extension;
  • Kirk Dombrowski, associate dean of research and partnerships, College of Arts and Sciences;
  • Mike Dunlap, executive chairman of the board, Nelnet;
  • Ibraheem Hamzat, external vice president, Association of Students of the University of Nebraska;
  • Andy Jewell, professor, University Libraries;
  • Emily Johnson, president, ASUN;
  • Sherri Jones, dean designate, College of Education and Human Sciences, chair and professor of special education and communication disorders;
  • Sharon Kuska, associate dean for faculty and academic programs, College of Architecture;
  • Rachel Larson, director of career services, College of Business;
  • Tony Lazarowicz, assistant director, College of Arts and Sciences;
  • Kathy LeBaron, community affairs coordinator, Lincoln Industries;
  • Martha Mamo, department head and John E. Weaver Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture;
  • Lance C. Pérez, dean, College of Engineering;
  • Shawn Ratcliff, graduate student, sociology;
  • Jennifer Ryan, chair and Ron and Carol Pope Professor of Supply Chain Management and Analytics;
  • Francisco Souto, director and professor of art, art history and design;
  • Joe Starita, professor of journalism;
  • Brad Strittmatter, chief executive officer, Olsson Associates;
  • Susan Swearer, Willa Cather Professor of Educational Psychology;
  • Joseph Turner, Robert W. Brightfelt Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering;
  • Steve Wilborn, Judge Harry A. Spencer Professor of Law; and
  • Mike Zeleny, associate to the chancellor.

The university has partnered with Storbeck Pimentel and Associates, a national executive search firm, to assist the committee with the work. Candidates will be actively recruited starting in June.

The search will replace Donde Plowman, who was recently named chancellor at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Plowman has served as the university’s executive vice chancellor since late 2016.

Nebraska’s executive vice chancellor reports directly to the chancellor, is the chief academic officer and is the responsible authority in the absence of the chancellor. The position leads and directs the university’s academic enterprise and is responsible for achieving excellence in all areas.

Nebraska’s academic deans, other than those in the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, report directly to the executive vice chancellor.

Learn more about Nebraska’s Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor.

Bob Wilhelm