Guidance documents should be used when a process is not necessarily standardized but there is a set of criteria or steps to be taken to ensure that you are approaching and completing a process in the most appropriate manner with recommendations from the offices corresponding with the project, including Accounting, General Counsel, and the IRB.

Exempt Research Guidance and Templates

Exempt Research Guidance (and Templates) – to be used when conducting research that qualifies for an Exempt category of review.  This document describes the categories of review, provides guidance on processes and procedures that provide maximum flexibility and efficiency when conducting exempt research while complying with UNL policies and procedures. This document contains recruitment and consent templates that can be used for development of an IRB application and after approval.

IRB Guidebook

UNL IRB Guidebook – developed to provide quick reference information related to the Institutional Review Board, the Human Research Protection Program, application submission, training requirements and much more. If this guidebook conflicts with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Human Research Protection Program Policies and Procedures, the Policies and Procedures will prevail.

Report New Information, Unanticipated Problems, Non-compliance, Serious Adverse Events, etc.

Incident Report Form – to be used when situations arise in an active and approved project that must be reported to the IRB. Incidents that require reporting must be reported within 48 hours of awareness and should be submitted via email to your project’s IRB Coordinator.

NE Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Requirements & Human Subjects Research

NE Mandatory Child Reporting Laws – Nebraska University General Counsel has prepared guidance materials to describe how mandatory reporting requirements apply to the conduct of human subjects research. In short, state law requires any person who suspects that a child has been physically or sexually abused or neglected to report it promptly to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

NE DHHS Adult & Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline

UNL Police: 402-472-2222

School Approval Processes

Applying for LPS review if affiliated with UNL – this guidance has been developed to describe the step-by-step process to follow when seeking official Lincoln Public School approval to conduct research supported by the District and/or with any organizations that are sponsored through LPS.  Note that LPS reviews all UNL human subjects research applications via NUgrant.

Lincoln Public Schools Guidelines for conducting research within LPS – this guidance describes requirements overseen by Lincoln Public Schools to conduct research within the District.

Research Participant Compensation and Accounting Guidance

Accounting guidance for providing payment to research participants – this guidance has been developed in concert with UNL Accounting and Bursar’s office to describe processes to be followed when paying research participants at varying amounts above, at or below $50.

Accounting receipt – $50 or less

Accounting receipt – greater than $50