Laboratory Safety Colloquium

Watch here for information on the April 15, 2015, Colloquium!


EHS, in partnership with the Office of Research and Economic Development, sponsors a spring and fall Laboratory Safety Colloquium Series for Principle Investigators, research staff, and graduate students.

For further information or to suggest future colloquium topics contact Elizabeth(Betsy) Howe, or (402) 472-5488.

Previous Colloquia

DISASTER!  Protect Yourself & Your Research – October 29, 2014

View 1 hr. 8 minute video

USDA-APHIS Veterinary Services (VS) Permits – April 2, 2014
(Information valid as of 4/2/2014. Review current USDA-APHIS VS permit requirements when planning your research.)

View 26 minute video

USDA-APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Permits – September 18, 2013
(Information valid as of 9/18/2013. Review current USDA-APHIS PPQ permit requirements when planning your research.)

View 1 hr. 19 minute video

NIOSH Workshop: Building a Risk Management Program for Nanomaterials – June 11, 2013
1. Building a Risk Management Program for Nanomaterials
View 1 hr. 18 minute video
2. NIOSH – Nanotechnology Research Center Active in the Lab and in the Field
View 1 hr. video
3. A Exposure Assessment Strategy for Nanoparticles
View 1 hr. 34 minute video
4. Risk Assessment Approaches for Nanomaterials
View 23 minute video
5. Control Banding
View 54 minute video

a. Risk Phases: Designated Hazardous Substances. NOHSC: 10005 (1999)
b. Control Banding (Good Nano Guide)
c. Silver Powder MSDS
d. Artificial Butter Flavor Safety Data Sheet (Firmenich)

Enhancing Laboratory Safety – April 11, 2013

View 1 hr. 44 min video

Machine Shop Safety – November 7, 2012
General Machine SafetySafe Operating Procedure

April 18, 2012, “Safe Handling: Unstable, Reactive, Energetic Chemicals ”
View 23 min video
Creating Safety Cultures in Academic Institutions:  A Report of the Safety Culture Task Force of the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety

October 12, 2011, “Safe Handling: Highly Toxic Chemicals, Reproductive Toxins (Mutagens & Teratogens) and Biologically-derived Toxins”
View 67 min video
Additional Resources

February 23, 2011, “Flammable, Pyrophoric, Corrosive & Toxic Gas Safety.” Presentation
View 27 min video

September 29, 2010, “Pyrophoric (Air-Sensitive) Chemical Safety.” Presentation
View 54 min video

February 2010 Cryogen Safety Presentation.
View 25 minute Video

September 2009 Steam Sterilization Using Autoclaves Presentation.
A Guide to Sterility Assurance handout for further information.

February 2009 Laser Safety: Hazards, Bioeffects, and Control Measures Presentation. Questions to assist with choosing appropriate protective eyewear.

September 2008 Centrifuges: Research or Rocket? Presentation.
View 44 min Video

Maintenance information on: Swinging Rotors, General

March 2008 Preventing Laboratory Fires Presentation and Tri-State Flashover clip.
View 53 min Video.

September 2007 Chemical Safety: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!
Presentation, Video 46 min Video.

February 2007 Exposure Control-Ventilated Hoods, Cabinets and More. Presentation and ‘Fume Hood Basics’ clip.
View 57 min Video .
Fume Hood and Bio-safety Enclosures handout for further information.

September 2006 Electrical Safety in the Laboratory Presentation
View 45 minute Video.

February 2006 Compressed Gas Cylinders (CGC) Presentation
View 45 minute Video > Media Player > iTunes.