174 Husker undergrads receive stipends for summer research projects

Office of Undergraduate Research

University Communication, May 25, 2022

174 Husker undergrads receive stipends for summer research projects

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has awarded stipends to 174 Husker undergraduates to participate in research with a faculty mentor this summer.

Nebraska’s Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) Program supports undergraduates to work with faculty mentors in research or creative activities. Students receive stipends of $2,400 to engage in intensive research or creative activity for 20 hours per week. The students’ projects span academic disciplines including engineering, chemistry, modern languages and literatures, psychology, art and art history, architecture, special education, and fisheries and wildlife.

Students from the Nebraska Summer Research Program and UCARE will present posters on their research and creative activities at a campus research symposium on Aug. 5. For more information on undergraduate research at Nebraska, click here.

Following is a list of students by hometown who received summer UCARE awards, with their year in school, academic major(s) and project title.



  • Carolyn Billings, senior, forensic science, “Evaluation of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy in the Analysis of N-nitrosoatrazine.”


  • William Brandl, junior, mechanical engineering, “Ultrasonic Mapping of Material Gradients for Metal Additive Manufacturing.”


  • Gerin Zimmerman, senior, psychology, “Sweetened Alcohol Drinking.”


  • Grace Carey, junior, fisheries and wildlife, “Ecological Stoichiometry of Great Plains Lakes.”
  • Chelsea Hanway, junior, anthropology, “Wakara’s America: Mapping the Untold Story of the Indian Founding Father of the American West.”
  • Rhiannon Strazdas, junior, architectural studies, “Steven Holl Architectural Guidebook.”


  • Mackenna Petersen, junior, biochemistry, “Drug Discovery Targeting RNA Polymerase against Flavivirus Infection.”
  • Joiner Pfister, sophomore, chemical engineering, “Robust Bioplastic Production in Paraburkholderia sacchari Enabled by Synthetic Biology Tool Characterization.”


  • Joselyn Andreasen, sophomore, art, “Assistant to Eddie Dominguez.”
  • Ryan Brunkhorst, senior, biochemistry, “Drug Discovery Targeting RNA Polymerase against Flavivirus Infection.”
  • Samuel Lawton, sophomore, emerging media arts, “Expanded Realities: Spatial Storytelling and Locative Media.”


  • Emma Hoffschneider, senior, agricultural economics, “Economic Impact of Entrepreneurship in Rural Communities.”


  • Sarah Cope, junior, landscape architecture, “Resilient Planting Design for Affordable Housing Developments.”

Cedar Bluffs:

  • Hailey Anderson, sophomore, physics, “Probing 2D Ferroelectricity in van der Waals CuInP2S6 Using Piezoresponse Force Microscopy.”

Central City:

  • Cayden Homolka, sophomore, pre-health, “Identification of New Chloroviruses with Unique Glycans Attached to their Major Capsid Proteins.”


  • Zach Van Brocklin, junior, microbiology, “Sex-Ratio Distorters in Drosophila simulans.”


  • Ebben Blake, junior, emerging media arts, “Sense Experience.”


  • Kelbie Schnieder, senior, nutritional science and dietetics, “Instructional Improvement of CHEM 109A.”


  • Zack Cheek, senior, music, “The Relationship between Divorce and Female Education: A Case Study of Ireland.”
  • Arabella Hodges, junior, biochemistry, “Evaluation of the Relationships between Host-Genetics and Viral Pathogens in Natural Infections.”


  • Riley Hestermann, junior, nutritional science and dietetics, “Microglial Cells and Two-Dimensional Brain Tissue Mimics.”


  • Turner Blick, junior, mathematics, “Investigating P-Derivations.”
  • Matthew Klein, senior, fisheries and wildlife, “Occupancy Analysis and Population Estimates of Herpetofauna Species at Niobrara Valley Preserve.”


  • William Anderson, freshman, horticulture, “Diversifying Nebraska Agriculture and Education through Breeding Sweet Corn and Popcorn with Novel Nutritional, Taste and Aesthetic Characteristics.”

Grand Island:

  • Qiqi Martinez, junior, art, “Collage Body Portraits, Graphite on Paper.”
  • Christopher Nguyen, junior, architectural studies, “PLAIN Design-Build Eastern Redcedar Microdwelling.”
  • Kennedy Whiting, junior, microbiology, “Impacts of the Urban Environment and Season on Diapause Physiology in the Monarch Butterfly.”


  • Shelby Baker, junior, art, “Future Stakeholders: Developing Creative Capital in Rural Nebraska.”
  • Morgan Graham, senior, psychology, “An Assessment of the Efficacy of Sex Offender Community Notification.”
  • Camden Jones, senior, biochemistry, “Characterization of Potential Monomeric Transcription Factors in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.”
  • Cole Murphy, junior, nutritional science and dietetics, “On the Health and Wellbeing of Zambian Communities in the Eastern and Southern Provinces.”
  • Trystan Nord, senior, emerging media arts, “Sense Experience.”
  • Kolton O’Neal, junior, mathematics, “Quantum Computing and Applications.”
  • Rylee Zimmerman, junior, landscape architecture, “Prairie States Forestry Archive.”


  • Calan Brant, sophomore, mechanical engineering, “3D Printing of Liquid Metal-Embedded Elastomer with Programmable Droplet Morphology.”
  • Malachi Hood, junior, mechanical engineering, “Investigation of Gas-Surface Interactions at the Micro/Nanoscales.”
  • Jillian Smith, junior, biological systems engineering, “Synergistic Effects of Matrix Stiffness and Shear Stress on Modulating Endothelial Cell Phenotype.”


  • Odessa Ohrt, junior, biochemistry, “Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assays for Dissection of Protein DNA Interactions in Plants and Microorganisms.”


  • Sydney Hobza, junior, speech-language pathology, “Exploring the Roles of Syntax and Working Memory in Reading Comprehension in Down Syndrome.”
  • Grace Van Cott, sophomore, biochemistry, “Drought in Nebraska: Past Events and Future Projections to 2100.”
  • Chanasei Ziemann, junior, biological sciences, “Knockout of PS-IRF9 Gene.”


  • Habiba Aden, junior, elementary education and early childhood education, “The Role of Race in Student-Teacher Interactions.”
  • Said Al Mahrouqi, junior, interior design, “Editing, Curating and Contributing to a Database of Architectural Photography.”
  • Bakir Al-Ameri, sophomore, mechanical engineering, “Modern No-Emission Cooling Systems for Nebraska.”
  • Manal Amon, sophomore, psychology, “Sex-Ratio Distorters in Drosophila simulans.”
  • Liam Baker, junior, environmental studies, “Surveying the Structures of U.S. Water Governance.”
  • Evie Barnett, senior, biological systems engineering, “Quantification of DRG Phenotypic Changes Resulting from Mechanically Induced Disc Degeneration at a Chronic Time Point.”
  • Micah Busboom, senior, mechanical engineering, “Reduced-Order Modeling of Bolted Joint Loosening: Torque Stiffness and Torque Loss Modeling.”
  • Adriana Catalan, sophomore, art, “Pictorial Representations of Memory, Watercolor on Paper.”
  • Clayton Christensen, junior, biochemistry, “Investigating Temporal Delay between Nicotine Self-Administration and Sucrose Reward between Biological Sex.”
  • Michelle Ebrahim, senior, psychology, “Pandemic Stress on Parents and Child Internalizing Behaviors.”
  • Carson Emeigh, senior, mechanical engineering, “Development of a Modular Bone-on-a-Chip Platform Using 3D Printing: Microfluidic Cell Compressor.”
  • Olivia Farmen, freshman, biological systems engineering, “Linear Models with Functional Transcranial Doppler.”
  • Aidan Hand, sophomore, biochemistry, “Drug Discovery Targeting RNA Polymerase against Flavivirus Infection.”
  • Lillie Hizer, junior, biological sciences, “Assessing the Role of Vertical Migration in Facilitating Invasive Aquatic Predator Success.”
  • Sam Ho, junior, biological sciences, “Evaluate the Utility of an In Vitro Expression System for Making Recombinant Proteins.”
  • Emily Hogg, senior, biochemistry, “Investigating UL6 Gene in HCMV.”
  • Amy Hruby, junior, speech-language pathology, “The Effects of Parental Responsivity on Semantic Development in Preschoolers.”
  • Joy Ishimwe, junior, integrated science, “On the Health and Wellbeing of Zambian Communities in the Eastern and Southern Provinces.”
  • Serena Jentz, junior, biochemistry, “Engineering the Light-Switchable Fluorescent Protein, Dronpa, through Unnatural Amino Acid Incorporation for Hydrogen Peroxide Sensing.”
  • Skylar Jilg-Brown, senior, elementary education, “Anti-Racist Communities Within Classrooms.”
  • Janana Khattak, sophomore, political science, “Petitioning for Freedom: Habeas Corpus in the American West.”
  • Aaron Linnell, senior, computer engineering, “Assessing How Developers Detect Defects in UML Class Diagrams.”
  • Helen Little, senior, biological systems engineering, “Degradation of Neonicotinoids with Oyster Mushrooms.”
  • Morgan Madsen, freshman, geology, “Geophysical Mapping of Large-Scale Submarine Landslides at the Southern Cascadia Margin.”
  • Britney Meints, sophomore, secondary education, “Exploring Relations between Trauma, Schooling and the Classroom: A Pathway to Trauma-Reducing Curricula.”
  • Andrew Minchow, senior, biochemistry, “Chemical Synthesis and Modification of Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Diacrylate for Bioprinted Hydrogels in Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Organoid Generation.”
  • Kasey Moomau, senior, mechanical engineering, “Resetting Mechanical Sintering of Liquid-Metal-Embedded Elastomer Using Electromigration.”
  • Kiet Nguyen, freshman, landscape architecture, “Prairie States Forestry Archive.”
  • Jay Patel, junior, computer science, “Efficiently Testing the Hardware Implementation of Network Protocols.”
  • Lars Pedersen, junior, physics, “Photodetachment of Positronium Negative Ion by Time-Delayed Circularly Polarized Pulses.”
  • La’Rae Pickens-Bonebright, senior, elementary education and early childhood education, “Project VIEW (Visual Impairments Education in Writing).”
  • Lydia Regier, junior, plant biology, “Detecting the Invasion of Old World Bluestem (Bothriochloa spp.) in Kansas and Nebraska Grasslands via PlanetScope and Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery.”
  • Jacob Reiber, sophomore, fisheries and wildlife, “Factors Impacting Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Activity in Nebraska Streams.”
  • Kyle Riley, sophomore, landscape architecture, “LAF Case Study Investigation — Dequindre Cut Greenway, Detroit, Michigan.”
  • Alora Schneider, sophomore, environmental studies, “Phytochemicals Caused Prey Preference of Green Lacewing (Chrysopa sp.) on Two Aphid Species (Aphis nerii and Myzocallis asclepiadis).”
  • Gnyarienn Selva Kumar, senior, mechanical engineering, “Improving Vehicle Crash Report Data Collection through Forensic Review.”
  • Tatiana Startseva, senior, physics, “Investigation of Ice Properties for Radio Neutrino Observatory Greenland.”
  • Kenzie Steiner, junior, elementary education, “On the Health and Wellbeing of Zambian Communities in the Eastern and Southern Provinces.”
  • Anna Synya, sophomore, criminology and criminal justice, “Petitioning for Freedom: Habeas Corpus in the American West.”
  • Rohan Tatineni, junior, biochemistry, “Identification of the Key Residues Critical for Substrate Binding in LaPhzM.”
  • Paige Trevarrow, senior, physics, “Analysis of SpiceCore Double Pulses as Seen by the ARA Stations.”
  • Andy Vo, junior, architectural studies, “makeFACT.”
  • Jade Wawers, junior, fisheries and wildlife, “Examining Demographics, Opinions, Preferences and Attitudes between Public- and Private-Land Waterfowl Hunters.”
  • Kelsey Wright, senior, biochemistry, “Threat Sensitivity of Political Conservatives and Liberals.”
  • Taylor Yakel, junior, architectural studies, “Operational Landscapes of the Great Plains.”
  • Mimi Yu, sophomore, sociology, “Petitioning for Freedom: Habeas Corpus in the American West.”


  • Benjamin Janssen, junior, plant biology, “Floral Survey of the Boundary between Central Nebraska Loess Hills and Central Loess Plains in Hamilton County, Nebraska.”

Nebraska City:

  • Renee Box, junior, biological sciences, “Seasonal Dynamics of Flight-Capable and Flightless Crickets and their Parasites in Western Nebraska: Coupling Coursework and Field Research at Cedar Point Biological Station to Advance Collaborative Research at UNL.”

Newman Grove:

  • Haley Fleetwood, junior, forensic science, “Response Time and Preference of Background Color of Flies and Other Insects.”

North Loup:

  • Haley Witthuhn, senior, psychology, “The Moderating Effect of Parent-Teacher Communication on the Link between Socioeconomic Status and Academic Achievement.”


  • Samantha Byrd, junior, history, “Petitioning for Freedom: Habeas Corpus in the American West.”


  • Zoey Armstead, junior, biochemistry, “Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assays for Dissection of Protein DNA Interactions in Plants and Microorganisms.”
  • Cole Blasing, senior, biochemistry, “Investigating if ATRP Isomerization Causes Bias in Signaling Pathway.”
  • Lucy DePooter, freshman, mathematics, “Knot Theory: What is the Smallest Hard Unknot with Respect to Width?”
  • Abbey Dyer, senior, speech-language pathology, “Project VIEW (Visual Impairments Education in Writing).”
  • Makena Foley, senior, geology, “Evaluating Land Use Effects on Metabolism in Nebraska Streams.”
  • Bryce Herrington, senior, physics, “Yttrium Iron Garnet Based Ferromagnetic Resonators.”
  • Emma Klein, senior, English, “Nebraska Holocaust Survivor and WWII Veteran Network and Educational Portal.”
  • Nicholas Kowal, junior, fisheries and wildlife, “Nebraska’s Short-Horned Lizard Genetic Diversity, Landscape Occupancy and Population Status Assessment (Year 3).”
  • Aidan Larsen, senior, chemical engineering, “Investigating Ion Exchange with Poly(3,4-Ethylenedithiothiophene) when Synthesized in Oxidative Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor.”
  • Amy Mattern, junior, speech-language pathology, “Project VIEW (Visual Impairments Education in Writing).”
  • Uyen Nguyen, senior, biological systems engineering, “Screening Dieback Compounds in 3D DRG Explant Hydrogel Culture Using a Multicompartmental Device for Long-Term and Secondary Effects Studies In Vitro.”
  • Abbey O’Brien, senior, anthropology, “Wakara’s America: Mapping the Untold Story of the Indian Founding Father of the American West.”
  • Kashish Poore, sophomore, microbiology, “Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as Biosensors.”
  • Jack Rankin, junior, mathematics, “Fluctuations in Trunk Numbers in Knot Theory.”
  • Isaac Regier, senior, mechanical engineering, “Generative Design in Aerospace-Designed Objects and Prototyping.”
  • Clare Schinzel, junior, child, youth and family studies, “On the Health and Wellbeing of Zambian Communities in the Eastern and Southern Provinces.”
  • Boris Shabaltiy, senior, biochemistry, “Structural and Functional Characterization of PorX from Porphyromonas gingivalis.”
  • Luke Skrabal, junior, biological sciences, “Engineering Exosomes for Targeted miRNA Delivery to Cardiomyocytes.”
  • Makenzie Starlin, senior, biochemistry, “The Moderating Effect of Parent-Teacher Communication on the Link between Socioeconomic Status and Academic Achievement.”
  • Louis Sully, senior, mechanical engineering, “Using DLP Bioprinting to Create Photo-Crosslinkable Hydrogel Patterns for Cell Patterning.”
  • Edric Teut, senior, biological sciences, “Electron Transfer in Microorganisms: Essentiality of the E- and F- [Fe4S4] Clusters of the Methanosarcina acetivorans CODH Enzyme.”
  • Katie Tran, sophomore, nutritional science and dietetics, “Developing Vectors for Editing RNA Dependent RNA Polymerases 3 and 4 in Arabidopsis thaliana Using CRISPR/Cas9.”


  • Jace Armstrong, senior, landscape architecture, “Parametricism in Planting Design: Computational Methods for Landscape Architecture.”
  • Emma Farson, senior, biological sciences, “UNL Wellness Assessment Trends.”
  • Kailee Ward, senior, microbiology, “Investigating the Interactions between Host Metabolic Genotype and Environmental Fermentation on Gut Microbiome Composition.”
  • Ruthi Zielinski, junior, physics, “Yttrium Iron Garnet Based Ferromagnetic Resonators.”


  • Aleea Stanford, freshman, mechanical engineering, “Enhanced Vibration Suppression in Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicles.”


  • Luke Keilig, sophomore, art, “Bryan West.”


  • Jessica Sorsen, junior, geology, “Kane-Atlantis.”


  • Addie Wright, sophomore, pre-veterinary medicine, “Tick Collection in Western Nebraska for Identification of Breed and Density.”


  • Alex Gee, senior, emerging media arts, “Expanded Realities: Spatial Storytelling and Locative Media.”

South Sioux City:

  • Blake Lindgren, sophomore, geology, “Ecology of Paleozoic Fauna.”


  • Peyton Alder, senior, biological sciences, “Meiotic Drive: Suppressors and Distorters in Drosophila.”


  • Ben Vyzourek, senior, biochemistry, “Development of an mRNA Vaccine against Human H3 Influenza A Virus.”


  • Jackson Taylor, junior, mechanical engineering, “Flame Weeding Research in the Combustion Lab and in Crop Fields.”

West Point:

  • Thomas Hugo, senior, biochemistry, “Mechanisms behind Hepatocyte Damage Caused by Mineral Dysregulation and Excess Fat.”


  • Madisyn Reichert, junior, biological sciences, “Synthesis of Nanoparticles for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients.”


Benson, Arizona:

  • Anna Miles, junior, architectural studies, “Operational Landscapes of the Great Plains.”

Tucson, Arizona:

  • Dane Chamberlin, freshman, global studies, “Homerathon 2023.”

Oxnard, California:

  • Jonathan Ireland, sophomore, classics and religious studies, “Homerathon 2023.”

Fort Collins, Colorado:

  • Sally Johnson, sophomore, elementary education, “Cather Archive Collection.”

Northglenn, Colorado:

  • Johnathan Kelly, senior, water science, “Nitrate, Phosphate and Ammonia: Their Spatial and Temporal Impacts on Nebraskan Stream Ecosystems in Agricultural Landscapes.”

Windsor, Colorado:

  • Micaylon Moore, senior, biological sciences, “Anti-Fungal Properties of a Lipid Biosynthesis Inhibitor.”

Sarasota, Florida:

  • Kinga Aletto, senior, fisheries and wildlife, “Creating and Documenting Two Public Art Monuments under One Theme.”

Arlington Heights, Illinois:

  • Clarissa Mason, senior, biochemistry, “Evaluation of the Chemistry Teaching Assistant Mentor Program.”

Bartlett, Illinois:

  • Sophia Smyth, junior, psychology, “That’s Sick: Implicit Learning and the Processing of Ambiguous Stimuli.”

Bloomingdale, Illinois:

  • Juliana Amato, junior, economics, “Surveying the Structures of U.S. Water Governance.”

Cherry Valley, Illinois:

  • Grace Claussen, junior, biological sciences, “ZIKV Particle and APP Processing In Vitro.”

Mount Prospect, Illinois:

  • Rowan Foort, senior, social science, “Improving Teaching and Learning in Secondary Social Studies Classrooms.”

Naperville, Illinois:

  • Cleopatra Babor, junior, plant biology, “Breeding Colored and Quality Protein Popcorn and Sweet Corn Varieties.”
  • Thomas Walton, senior, computer science, “Understanding the Algorithmic and Dataset Biases in Deep Learning.”

Woodridge, Illinois:

  • Sarah Rogoz, senior, speech-language pathology, “The Relationships between Race/Ethnicity, Mental Health, Socioeconomic Status, Gender and Substance Use.”

Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

  • Natalia Hagen, junior, pre-veterinary medicine, “Surveying the Structures of U.S. Water Governance.”

Logan, Iowa:

  • Abigail Ridder, senior, plant biology, “Evaluating Eastern Redcedar Recruitment Success in the Niobrara River Valley.”

Norwalk, Iowa:

  • Emma Soukup, junior, mechanical engineering, “Reciprocity-Breaking Suspension Devices for Isolation in Harsh Environments.”

Olathe, Kansas:

  • Noah Berkenwald, senior, chemical engineering, “Exploring Taxotere Analogue Side Chains from Novel Enzymatic Synthesis.”
  • Rudra Dixit, junior, biological sciences, “Microbiome Role in Susceptibility to Disease.”

Overland Park, Kansas:

  • Chase Auman, senior, biochemistry, “A Behavioral Economics Approach to Caffeine and Methylphenidate Reward Enhancement.”
  • Christie Seyl, senior, psychology, “Social Scientist Researchers’ Understanding of Qualities of Inclusive Research Practices for Transgender and Gender Diverse Communities.”

Stilwell, Kansas:

  • Bethany Ham, senior, forensic science, “Petitioning for Freedom: Habeas Corpus in the American West.”

Wichita, Kansas:

  • Kiara Pavlik, junior, microbiology, “Testing for Persistence of Newly Isolated Lactobacillus Strains in a Mouse Model of Obesity.”

Mankato, Minnesota:

  • Alexander Sandquist, senior, chemistry, “Surface Modification of Polyurethane.”

North Mankato, Minnesota:

  • Austin Herold, senior, biological sciences, “Investigating Host Preference for Phoresy across Microhabitats in the Nebraska-Native Pseudoscorpion Dactylochelifer silvestris.”

Kingsville, Missouri:

  • Ellie Russell, junior, history, “Petitioning for Freedom: Habeas Corpus in the American West.”

Las Vegas, Nevada:

  • Brianna Ryan, senior, chemical engineering, “Correlating the Effective Pore Size of Deposited COFs with the Linker Size and Processing Condition.”

Albuquerque, New Mexico:

  • Rose Pineda, junior, mechanical engineering, “Mechanical Properties of Hydrogels.”

Blawnox, Pennsylvania:

  • Natalie Beattie, junior, history, “Nebraska Holocaust Survivor and WWII Veteran Network and Educational Portal.”

Tulsa, Oklahoma:

  • Jordan Bollinger, senior, biological systems engineering, “Identifying Predicting Factors for Speech Perception Outcomes in Individuals with Cochlear Implants.”

Aberdeen, South Dakota:

  • Nathan Ottenbacher, senior, biochemistry, “Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assays for Dissection of Protein DNA Interactions in Plants and Microorganisms.”

Murphy, Texas:

  • Sarah Loftus, senior, biological systems engineering, “The Effects of Aging on Lipid Metabolism on Hepatic Co-Culture.”

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin:

  • Paige Jennings, junior, psychology, “Homerathon 2023.”

Waterford, Wisconsin:

  • Isabella North, senior, biological systems engineering, “Microfluidics — Finding the Atheroprotective Range of Shear Stress for Endothelial Cells.”

Salvador, Brazil:

  • Filipe Guimaraes Goulart, junior, nutritional science and dietetics, “Generating a New Muscle-Specific Mouse Model for Studying MicroRNAs.”

Shenyang, China:

  • Eric Liu, senior, actuarial science, “Computational Models for Artificial Micro-Robots.”

Amritsar, India:

  • Divsirat Singh, sophomore, computer science, “Social Media Data Mining of Health (Mis)Information.”

Ludhiana, India:

  • Simreen Kaur, junior, computer science, “Assessment and Improvement of Next-Generation Transcriptome Assembly.”

Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia:

  • Justin Ho, senior, computer science, “Understanding Knowledge Creation and Dissemination from a Graph Perspective.”

Casablanca, Morocco:

  • Mo Sbai, junior, mechanical engineering, “Rehabilitation Exoskeleton — Wheelchair Robot.”

Seoul, South Korea:

  • Ye Jung Cho, junior, civil engineering, “Crash Exposure of Pedestrian with Location-Based Service Data.”

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan:

  • Merjen Palvanova, junior, mechanical engineering, “Enhancing Electrical Properties of LMEEs.”

Hanoi, Vietnam:

  • Eddie Pham, junior, chemistry, “Influence on Peroxide Structure on Reactivity toward C-O Bond Formation.”


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