Enhanced Revision Awards program

jbrehm2, February 12, 2014 | View original publication

Enhanced Revision Awards program

The Revision Awards program, designed to improve faculty success in revising and resubmitting highly meritorious but unfunded grant proposals, has been enhanced.

The Office of Research and Economic Development established the Revision Awards program last fall to increase the number of UNL faculty who win grants and to decrease the number of submissions required for funding success.

Revision Awards provide grant applicants with expert advice and financial resources to enhance the quality of proposals that were previously submitted and competitively scored but not funded.

Based on feedback and early response to the new initiative, the following changes have been made:

Revision Awards applications now are accepted on a continuous basis to better serve the needs of individual faculty and project teams.
Two categories of Revision Awards support now are available:

Category 1 proposals may request up to $25,000 to support revision of highly competitive grant proposals requesting $250,000 to $500,000 in federal grant support.
Category 2 proposals may request up to $50,000 for revision of highly competitive grant proposals requesting more than $500,000 in federal grant support.

Through the Revision Awards program, faculty will work with a team of expert reviewers to ensure their project approach is innovative and feasible. ORED staff will partner with program participants to ensure their application package is of the highest quality.

Only applications proposing resubmission of highly competitive proposals to the same funding program will be considered. More information about this program is available in the Revision Awards request for applications.

ORED will commit up to $1 million in funding toward Revision Awards during 2014.

Faculty interested in revising unfunded proposals that do not meet the eligibility guidelines for Revision Awards should work with staff in the Office of Proposal Development and use the expert review of grant proposals opportunity provided by ORED.

For more information contact Nathan Meier, director of research strategy, at (402) 472-3902.