Center publishes unique Spanish test reference

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Center publishes unique Spanish test reference

 The first reference of commercially available Spanish language tests in print has been published by the Buros Center for Testing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

            "Pruebas Publicadas en Espanol" is available for purchase and provides extensive information about tests published in part or wholly in Spanish. It builds on the established traditions of Buros publications "The Mental Measurements Yearbook" and "Tests in Print."

            "The Buros Center for Testing is becoming a major player in the world, not just in the United States," said Kurt F. Geisinger, director of the Buros Center. "This book is a first and is much needed. The staff at Buros feels honored to play this part in advancing the use of testing as a way of promoting diversity and internationalism."

            The purpose of the publication is to provide test users with an all-in-one resource for available tests in Spanish and to facilitate appropriate selection of tests. It focuses exclusively on commercially available tests and, therefore, does not include research or proprietary instruments. The information on Spanish language tests is published in Spanish and English, side-by-side. Test descriptions include vital details for each test including name, purpose, country and language of origin, norms and pricing data.

            The volume is organized alphabetically by title. It also includes several indexes for locating tests by title, acronyms, subject, publisher, names (authors, translators and reviewers) and score. It is more than 400 pages in length and describes 422 different commercially available tests. It may be purchased for $97 from the University of Nebraska Press,

            The editors of "Pruebas Publicadas en Espanol" are all affiliated with the Buros Center for Testing: Jennifer E. Schlueter, assistant editor; Janet F. Carlson, associate director; Geisinger; and Linda L. Murphy, recently retired managing editor.

            The Buros Center for Testing is an independent organization within the UNL College of Education and Human Sciences that shares its expertise in assessment related endeavors. It functions as the world's premier test review center, as well as a provider of outreach efforts related to Buros' mission to improve testing, assessment and measurement practices through consultation and education, with special emphases in psychology and education. For more information, go to