Bergt’s Nebraska Lecture available online

Nebraska Lectures

Jeff Wilkerson, June 27, 2019

Bergt’s Nebraska Lecture available online

The June 19 Nebraska Lecture is available for viewing online.

The lecture, “Growing a Campus: Landscapes at the University of Nebraska,” was given by Eileen Bergt, who serves as landscape architect and assistant director of landscape services. During the talk, she discusses a wide-swath of campus garden history — covering from initial plantings around University Hall, the first building on campus, to modern greenspaces.

Bergt also delves into the work involved in creating some of the campus’s most iconic spaces; the legacy of Charles E. Bessey; and William H. Dunman, landscape gardener from 1906 to his death in 1946, whose love for tropical plants is demonstrated in early campus photos.

Bergt’s presentation was the sixth in the year-long Nebraska Lectures: Chancellor’s Distinguished Speaker Series. Normally offered twice a year, the series is featuring a historic topic each month as part of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s celebration of its 150th year.

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