UNL, UNMC seeking proposals in bioengineering for human health

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UNL, UNMC seeking proposals in bioengineering for human health

UNL and the University of Nebraska Medical Center are requesting proposals for collaborative projects with potential to boost the institutions’ research capabilities in bioengineering for human health. Proposals are due by 4 p.m. Jan. 31, 2013, an extension from the original December deadline.

Multidisciplinary collaboration is critical in bioengineering, which applies concepts and methods of biology to solving challenges associated with human health in cost-effective, practical ways. UNL and UNMC hosted a joint retreat in August to identify overlapping research areas and discuss ideas for inter-institutional projects. The goal of this funding program is to provide seed grants to ideas that emerged during the retreat, build interdisciplinary research teams and enhance competitiveness for National Institutes of Health funding.

All full-time, tenure track faculty at UNL or UNMC are eligible to apply. Proposals from any UNL or UNMC college are welcome.

Proposals, with administrative approvals, must be submitted as a PDF to the vice chancellor for research at the lead principal investigator’s institution. Lead PIs from UNL should send the application to UNLResearch@unl.edu. Lead PIs from UNMC should submit to mailto:deb.hawkins@unmc.edu.

Visit the website to download a copy of the request for proposals and get details on eligibility, application forms and review processes.

For more information, contact Deb Hamernik, interim associate vice chancellor for research, 472-2851.