How to navigate limited submission competitions

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Posted April 26, 2018 by Ashley Washburn

While many requests for proposals allow unlimited submissions, federal agencies and private foundations occasionally limit the number of applications or nominations the university may submit for specific grants and awards. In these cases, the Office of Research and Economic Development uses a limited submission competition to determine which application, or applications, will be submitted to the sponsor for funding consideration.

Notices of all limited submission competitions are posted in the weekly “Funding Announcements” newsletter distributed by the Office of Proposal Development. A limited competition calendar, showing active limited competitions, is located on ORED’s website. Nebraska faculty, administrators and staff may subscribe to the newsletter through their NUgrant account.

To participate in a limited submission competition, faculty are required to submit a notification of intent to submit by the internal deadline. If more notifications are received than slots are available, ORED distributes limited submission competition pre-proposal guidelines. Internal pre-proposals are reviewed by internal or external reviewers, who make recommendations to the vice chancellor for research and economic development regarding the competitiveness of each pre-proposal. The vice chancellor then selects the applications approved to move forward and notifies competition participants of selection decisions.

For additional information about the limited competition process, or to inquire into the status of a particular competition, contact Tisha Mullen, director of proposal development, at 402-472-2894.

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