NSRI welcomes 30 University of Nebraska researchers as fellows

National Strategic Research Institute

Katelyn Ideus, February 28, 2024

NSRI welcomes 30 University of Nebraska researchers as fellows

The National Strategic Research Institute at the University of Nebraska has appointed 30 researchers from the University of Nebraska System’s four campuses as NSRI Fellows.

Bringing forward their expertise from a range of disciplines — chemistry, biology, engineering, computer science, pharmacology, psychology and more — the new fellows expand the network to 161 researchers. NSRI Fellows aim to build multidisciplinary teams that develop solutions for complex problems across the spectrum of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats. Fourteen of the researchers are from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“It is motivating to see this program continue to expand — to see so many University of Nebraska researchers commit to using their expertise for national security,” said Joshua Santarpia, NSRI science and technology advisor. “Advancing and evolving threats demand this type of nimble, interdisciplinary contingent of academic researchers. This network has already proven to be incredibly valuable to NSRI and the U.S. Department of Defense, and we look forward to engaging this new group of fellows.”

NSRI is the DOD-designated University Affiliated Research Center sponsored by U.S. Strategic Command and affiliated with the University of Nebraska System. As a UARC, NSRI must maintain essential research and engineering capabilities for the DOD to leverage. The NSRI Fellows help bring that requirement to fruition, contributing their expertise, laboratories and students to deliver defense solutions.

NSRI Fellows 2024 Cohort from UNL:

·         Aron Barbey, psychology

·         Rick Bevins, psychology

·         Andreia Bianchini-Huebner, food science and technology

·         Clay Cressler, biological sciences

·         Nathan Huynh, civil & environmental engineering

·         Louise Lynch-O’Brien, entomology

·         Patrice McMahon, political science

·         Benny Mote, animal science

·         Massimiliano Pierobon, computing

·         Robert Powers, chemistry

·         John Ruberson, entomology

·         Cody Stolle, mechanical & materials engineering

·         Harkamal Walia, agronomy and horticulture

·         Karrie Weber, biological sciences

Cody Stolle, research assistant professor of mechanical and materials engineering at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, focuses his research on vehicles, structures, computer simulation analysis and the design of features for structural rigidity and energy absorption. Leveraging the staff and capabilities of the UNL Midwest Roadside Safety Facility, he provides tested and crashworthy designs of perimeter defense systems, transportation safety and logistics solutions, threat deterrence and countermeasure assistance and improved threat identification procedures.

“I am thrilled to be an NSRI fellow and join an elite collection of specialized and talented experts contributing to the protection of the nation’s warfighters and infrastructure,” Stolle said. “I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute my body of knowledge and the capabilities of the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility to NSRI’s focus areas of strategic deterrence, threat-based training, and threat detection and countermeasure development.”

Learn more about the NSRI Fellows at nsri.nebraska.edu/fellows.

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