Services We Provide

Pre-award grant coordinators assist in the preparation of proposal budget details, facilitate the administrative review and approval process, and review and negotiate contracts and agreements.

Post-award project specialists provide a variety of financial and administrative services once UNL has been awarded a grant or a contract, assisting faculty with everything from budget setup to managing the entire award.

Pre-Award Services

Assist with proposal preparation

  • Serve as a central distribution center for standard application materials to federal and state agencies
  • Provide training for and access to electronic databases (like, to help faculty conduct funding searches
  • Provide consultation and assistance in all phases of budget design and preparation
  • Provide assistance in completing all federal forms (budget, representations and certifications, and assurances)
  • Maintain communication with and provide training for departmental personnel (liaisons) involved in proposal preparation

Serve as a liaison with external agencies

  • Identify program officers at external agencies to explore funding opportunities, to follow up on proposals, and to obtain feedback and reviewers’ comments
  • Provide consultation on contacting and working with federal agencies and foundations

Provide campus clearance and proposal transmittals

  • Provide assistance in securing institutional approvals and authorization signatures
  • Submit proposals electronically or package and mail proposals for faculty

Conduct negotiations

  • Negotiate pre-award and post-award budgets with agency technical and fiscal officers
  • Negotiate agreement terms, as necessary, to ensure acceptability to the university

Review and accept awards

  • Review awards to ensure agreement is acceptable to the university
  • Provide the necessary institutional acceptance for awards

Maintain official university records on current proposal submissions and grants/contracts awarded

  • Records are kept in NUgrant

Provide reports of proposal submissions and grant/contract award activity

  • A variety of reports can be generated through NUgrant


Post-Award Services

Provide financial management for awards

  • Establish accounts in the UNL and state accounting systems
  • Invoice sponsors and receive funds
  • Draw funds from federal letters of credit
  • Issue sub-agreements

Assist with other aspects of award management

  • Manage effort reporting (Personnel Activity Reports).
  • Provide training and guidance to department grant managers
  • Coordinate accounting procedures and provide briefings to principal investigators concerning award instrument requirements
  • Review department procedures for compliance and internal control
  • Obtain approval for budgetary revisions, no-cost extensions and expenditures

Assist with reporting and closeout

  • File required financial reports: 269, 272, 270 reports; contractor’s release; inventions and subcontracts report; property certification; contractor’s assignments of refunds, rebates, credits and amounts; final equipment property report; cumulative claim and reconciliation statement
  • Provide closeout and termination assistance for grants and contracts

Coordinate audits

  • Provide financial schedules for annual A-133 audit
  • Serve as liaison between department and various auditors/reviewers