ORED Diversity Strategy Planning Team

The Office of Research and Economic Development’s Diversity Planning Team is composed of staff from ORED, University of Nebraska Press and University of Nebraska State Museum. This group has been charged with crafting a strategy for ensuring organizational culture and practices are aligned with the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence, and to make manifest the belief that at Nebraska, every person and every interaction matters.

The external subcommittee is focusing on how ORED can better support the faculty, staff and students it serves and how it interacts with other partners. The internal subcommittee’s aim is to examine the culture and processes that directly impact ORED staff. Nathan Meier, assistant vice chancellor for research, and Laurie Sampson, learning and development coordinator, are serving as the team’s facilitators.

External Subcommittee

Ryan Anderson, Industry Relations

Rick Bevins, Vice Chancellor’s Office

Jeewan Jyot, NUtech Ventures

Kacey Nelkin Pedersen, Sponsored Programs

Jen Nelson, Vice Chancellor’s Office

Ashley Washburn, Research Communications

Susan Weller, University of Nebraska State Museum

Internal Subcommittee

Ann Baker, University of Nebraska Press

Matthew Dwyer, Proposal Development

Adam Eakin, University of Nebraska State Museum

Megan Ebbers, Institutional Animal Care Program

Tiffany Lee, Research Communications

Elijah Luebbe, Sponsored Programs

Ember Welsch, Vice Chancellor’s Office