Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Values

We are the flagship and land-grant university for Nebraska, and diversity and inclusion are central to our mission and pursuit of excellence. Each person has something to gain from and offer to our community of learning, discovery and outreach. All are welcome here.

UNL Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Message from the Vice Chancellor

The Office of Research and Economic Development commits itself every day to fostering diversity and inclusion in all our departments, and across the range of our research and our creative activity. We do this because it is critical to welcome the contributions of all people, to recognize everyone has a unique value and perspective to bring to our work. We do it also because only by respecting and welcoming many perspectives can we ensure we sustain, nurture and build on the excellence of our important work for the state, nation and world.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is closely aligned with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s N2025 strategic plan.

However, diversity and inclusion are not mere concepts we hold up as distinct and separate, as if a bullet point in a plan; rather, they are central to everything we do, enmeshed in our work, inseparable from our other cores and beliefs.

The great challenges we face as a university can be solved only if we encourage and insist on an atmosphere that welcomes all and values each person’s background, experience, ability, ideology, culture and identity.

Bob Wilhelm
Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

ORED Diversity Planning Team

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