Research and Creative Space Reopening Plan and Checklist

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UNL researchers who plan or need to reopen campus research and creative spaces (e.g., laboratories, studios) to resume on-campus activities first must provide a plan to demonstrate their activities can be done safely and with appropriate protection against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Faculty must submit the following plan and checklist for approval by their department chair/head/director; college dean or dean’s designee; and the vice chancellor for research and economic development or the VCRED’s designee. 

Principal investigators should consult the Guidelines for Opening UNL Research Labs when preparing their reopening plan. 

These plans will take effect June 1 and are expected to be in place until the university issues further guidance, either implementing a less or more restrictive research work environment. We expect that change to occur no sooner than July 1, which is when the current Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department Directed Health Measures are scheduled to expire.

Reopening Plan

Principal Investigator Name:

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Department, College and/or Center/Institute:

Building name and room(s)

Names of all faculty, postdocs, staff, and students working on-site in the research space. Please indicate estimated on-campus schedules, days/times, where applicable.

Describe planned physical work arrangements for labs and research spaces (one person per bay, alternating benches, etc.)

Identify de-densification plans such as alternating days or extended hours to minimize the number of people on-site at one time and to enable social distancing.

Describe plans to clean and disinfect laboratories and any workspaces (include frequency and type of cleaner and disinfectant)

List any core facilities (animal facility, imaging, omics etc.) you will utilize and detail what work must occur in university spaces that are outside your research space

Detail the proposed laboratory attire and personal protective equipment (PPE) that will be used by personnel, including facial coverings or respiratory protective equipment. If this varies by task, describe.

Confirm adequate supply of lab attire and PPE (lab coats, gloves, gowns, eyewear, face coverings, etc.).

If you need to obtain additional lab attire or PPE are unable or unsure how to obtain the quantities you need, please work with your unit leader or associate dean for research to identify the best way to obtain the items. Limited quantities of some PPE are available for purchase on campus and can be requested here.

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Reopening Checklist

  • Adequate supply of supplies for hand washing and hand sanitizing?
  • Adequate supply of Environmental Protection Agency-approved cleaning and disinfecting supplies to clean surfaces frequently?
  • Access to appropriate disposable and/or cloth face coverings?

Examples include plexiglass shields/dividers, removing chairs and adding floor labels.

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