U.S.-Issued Patents, March-June 2018

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Posted August 31, 2018 by Ashley Washburn

The following list includes all U.S.-issued patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers from March 1, 2018, to June 30, 2018, as reported by NUtech Ventures. For more information about protecting intellectual property, contact NUtech Ventures, 402-472-1783.

Modular Oxidant Delivery System
Steven Comfort, Mark D. Christenson
Patent 9,925,574

Reversible Heparin Molecules and Methods of Making and Using the Same
Jian Liu, Robert J. Linhardt, Yongmei Xu, Edward N. Harris
Patent 9,951,149

Method of Fabricating a Continuous Nanofiber
Yuris Dzenis
Patent 9,951,444

Crop Height Estimation with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Sebastian Elbaum, David J. Anthony, Carrick Detweiler
Patent 9,969,492

System Including Adjustable Continuity Joints and/or Rotation Mitigation Sliding Posts for Rail Elements
Scott K. Rosenbaugh, Jennifer D. Schmidt, Robert W. Bielenberg, Ronald Faller, Karla A. Lechtenberg, John D. Reid, Jim Holloway
Patent 9,976,266

Compositionally Graded Bulk Heterojunction Devices and Methods of Manufacturing the Same
Jinsong Huang, Zhengguo Xiao
Patent 9,985,231

Parental RNAi Suppression of Chromatin Remodeling Genes to Control Coleopteran Pests
Blair Siegfried, Kenneth Narva, Kanika Arora, Sarah Worden, Chitvan Khajuria, Elane Fishilevich, Nicholas P. Storer, Meghan Frey, Ronda L. Hamm, Ana María Vélez
Patent 9,994,844

Fiber-Optic Temperature and Flow Sensor System and Methods
Weilin Hou, Ming Han, Guigen Liu
Patent 9,995,628

Drive Systems Including Sliding Mode Observers and Methods of Controlling the Same
Long Wu, Wei Qiao, Yue Zhao
Patent 10,008,966

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