U.S.-Issued Patents, July-September 2019

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Posted October 31, 2019 by Dan Moser

The following list includes all U.S.-issued patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers from July 1, 2019, to Sept. 30, 2019, as reported by NUtech Ventures.  For more information about protecting intellectual property, contact NUtech Ventures, 402-472-1783. 

Medical Inflation, Attachment and Delivery Devices and Related Methods 
Mark Rentschler, Shane M. Farritor 
Patent 10,335,024 

Plants with Useful Traits and Related Methods
Roberto De la Rosa Santamaria, Sally Mackenzie
Patent 10,344,340 

Methods, Systems and Devices Relating to Surgical End Effectors
Shane M. Farritor, Thomas Frederick, Joe Bartels
Patent 10,350,000

Compounds for Increasing Lipid Synthesis and Storage
Nishikant Wase, Concetta C. DiRusso
Patent 10,351,883 

Detecting Faults in Turbine Generators
Wei Qiao, Xiang Gong
Patent 10,359,473 

Fiber Optic Bolometer
Ming Han, Matthew Reinke
Patent 10,359,316

Magneto-Electric Logic Devices Using Semiconductor Channel with Large Spin-Orbit Coupling
Xia Hong, Jonathan P. Bird, Peter A. Dowben, Christian Binek, Dmitri E. Nikonov, Kang L. Wang
Patent 10,361,292 

Methods and Compositions for Obtaining Useful Plant Traits
Sally Mackenzie, Kamaldeep S. Virdi
Patent 10,364,438     

Systems and Methods for Construction of Electrically Conductive Concrete Slab with Protection from Current Leakage
Christopher Y. Tuan, Lim Nguyen
Patent 10,385,519  

Disposable Fluidic Self-Propelling Robot for Traversing a Tubular Passage
Dmitry Oleynikov, Carl A. Nelson, Benjamin S. Terry, Hossein Dehghani, Prithviraj (Raj) Dasgupta, Abolfazl (Sina) Pourghodrat
Patent 10,420,916     

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