Top Sponsored Awards, October 2020

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Posted December 4, 2020 by Dan Moser

The following list of awards from public entities includes all arts and humanities grants of $10,000 or more and all other grants of $200,000 or more between Sept. 16, 2020, and Oct. 15, 2020, as reported through NUgrant, the electronic research administration system for the university. 

Buffett Early Childhood Institute 
K. Gallagher, A. Garrett, A. Mart, E. Owen, L. Roy, S. Sarver 
Nebraska Children and Families Foundation 
Preschool Development Grant Birth Through 5 (PDG B-5) Renewal Grant 
Department of Agricultural Economics/Dean’s Office for Cooperative Extension/Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences/Panhandle Research and Extension Center/West Central Research and Extension Center 
C. Narjes, C. Burkhart-Kriesel, S. Falter, C. Houlden, G. Jones, S. Kaskie, M. Schlake, J. Tuller, J. Westra, V. Wielenga 
U.S. Department of Agriculture-Rural Cooperative Development Grant Program 
Improving Quality of Life & Economic Opportunities through Cooperative Development 
Department of Agronomy and Horticulture 
J. Schnable 
Iowa State University 
High Intensity Phenotyping Sites: A Multi-Scale, Multi-Modal Sensing and Sense-Making Cyber-Ecosystem for Genomes to Fields 
G. Graef 
Nebraska Soybean Board 
Soybean Breeding and Genetics Studies for Nebraska 
G. Graef 
Nebraska Soybean Board 
Winter Nursery Support for Soybean Breeding and Genetics Studies 
Department of Animal Science/Department of Biological Systems Engineering 
S. Fernando, A. Schmidt 
Texas Tech University 
Investigating the Emergence and Ecology of Antimicrobial Resistance in High Risk Beef Cattle  

Department of English 
K. Price, K. McMullen 
National Endowment for Humanities 
Walt Whitman’s Journalism: Finding the Poet in the Brooklyn Daily Times 

Department of Physics and Astronomy 
I. Kravchenko 
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 
RII Track-2 FEC: The IceCube EPSCoR Initiative (IEI) – IceCube and the Data Revolution 
M. Fuchs, B. Shadwick 
Department of Energy 
High-efficiency, high-current laser-driven electron injector 

Lied Center for Performing Arts 
N. Engen-Wedin 
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services 
COVID: Nebraska 2020 Stabilization CARES for Lied 

Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools/Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies 
L. Knoche, G. Nugent, R. Schachter, S. Sheridan 
Department of Education 
Coaching in Early Intervention (CEI): Promoting Outcomes for Infants/Toddlers with Disabilities through Evidence-Based Practices 
Office of Global Strategies 
M. Stevens-Liska, E. Hepburn, B. Sharpe, C. Van Hoosen 
U.S. Department of State 
U.S.-Rwanda Training Program and Mentorship Exchange on University Advancement and International Partnerships 
Public Policy Center 
D. Bulling 
Nebraska Military Department-Nebraska Emergency Management Agency 
FirstNet Nebraska Public Safety Broadband Working Group Facilitation and Support 
M. Scalora 
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services 
Outpatient Competency Restoration to Stand Trial (OCR) Project 
D. Bulling 
Nebraska Military Department-Nebraska Emergency Management Agency 
NEMA/TAG Stakeholder Survey 

Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute 
C. Neale, L. Bodnar, N. Dave, M. Mekonnen, B. Safa, I. Zution Goncalves 
U.S. Department of Energy-Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy  
Novel commercial farm-field network to quantify emissions from agricultural bioenergy feedstock production 
School of Natural Resources 
M. Pegg 
South Dakota Department Game, Fish and Parks 
Assessing movement and entrainment of Walleye in Lewis and Clark Lake and its tailwaters 
M. Svoboda, D. Bathke, B. Fuchs, T. Haigh, C. Knutson, K. Smith, T. Tadesse 
USDA-Office of the Chief Economist 
USDA Support of the U.S. Drought Monitor and Hub Activities with the National Drought Mitigation Center for the period of 2020 to 2023 
School of Natural Resources/Department of Agricultural Economics 
B. Fuchs, D. Bathke, T. Haigh, C. Knutson, T. Mieno, R. Rimsaite, K. Smith, M. Svoboda, T. Tadesse, B. Wardlow 
Drought Information Services and Research for Agriculture across the United States, 2020-21 

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