Top Sponsored Awards, May 2024

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Posted June 27, 2024 by Dan Moser

The following list of awards from public entities includes all arts and humanities grants of $10,000 or more and all other grants of $200,000 or more between April 16, 2024, and May 15, 2024, as reported through NuRamp, the university’s electronic research administration system.  

Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
L. Weakly
Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Cody Search and Browse Project

College of Arts and Sciences (Dean’s Office)
B. Dotan
Illinois State University
The Importance of Primary Resources in the NE Stories of Humanity Web Portal

College of Education and Human Sciences (Dean’s Office)/Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders
S. Skretta, S. Kemp
Nebraska Department of Education
2024-2025 LPS Apprenticeship Program

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture/Department of Agricultural Economics/Department of Animal Science/Department of Biological Systems Engineering/Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering/Department of Entomology/Department of Plant Pathology/Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 1/Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 10/Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 3/Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 4/Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 7/Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 8/Panhandle Research and Extension Center/School of Computing/School of Natural Resources/Water Center/West Central Research and Extension Center
D. Redfearn, M. Burbach, C. Burr, N. Cafaro La Menza, D. Charlson, S. Cooper, C. Cordova, C. Creech, S. Daniel, M. Drewnoski, A. Easterly, T. Franz, Y. Ge, J. Groskopf, E. Hunt, J. Iqbal, D. Jones, A. Katimbo, S. Kennedy, K. Koehler-Cole, W. Liang, J. Luck, D. Mangel, J. McMechan, A. Mohammed, A. Nygren, Y. Pan, J. Parsons, B. Patias Lena, J. Peterson, C. Proctor, X. Qiao, C. Ray, J. Rees, D. Rudnick, S. Sand, K. Schoengold, S. Sivits, M. Stockton, S. Taghvaeian, T. Whitney
Colorado State University
Climate-Smart Advances in Ag Performance

Department of Chemistry
A. Sinitskii
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
ExpandQISE: Track 1: Ferroelectric Ordering and Polarization-Coupled Transport Properties in 2D Van der Waals Materials

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
G. Panther
National Science Foundation
CAREER: Re-Envisioning Engineering Pedagogy to Support a Range of Visuo-Spatial Skills

Department of Mathematics
M. Walker, E. Grifo, B. Harbourne, J. Jeffries, T. Marley, A. Seceleanu
RTG: Commutative Algebra at Nebraska

A. Seceleanu
Polynomial Interpolation, Symmetric Ideals, and the Lefschetz Properties

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
N. Nama
Collaborative Research: Ultrasound Driven Microbubble Clusters for Biomedical Applications

Midwest Roadside Safety Facility
R. Bielenberg, R. Faller
Nebraska Department of Transportation
RPFP-FY2023-WISDOT-OVERLAY-1: MASH TL-3 Evaluation Of New Jersey Shape Parapet With 3-in. Overlay

Nebraska State Forest Service
H. Pinneo
U.S. Department of Agriculture-Forest Service
Strengthening Nebraska’s Urban Forest Infrastructure

Public Policy Center
J. Farley, J. Walther
Educational Service Unit 2
ESU 2 Project AWARE and Mental Health Initiatives Evaluation

School of Natural Resources
J. Turk
CAREER: Human-induced Soil Change on the U.S. Great Plains

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