Top Sponsored Awards, July 2021

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Posted September 3, 2021 by Dan Moser

The following list of awards from public entities includes all arts and humanities grants of $10,000 or more and all other grants of $200,000 or more between June 16 and July 15, 2021, as reported through NUgrant, the university’s electronic research administration system.  

Center on Children, Families and the Law 
J. Chambers 
Nebraska Department of Economic Development 
COVID: NE Housing Assistance Common Fund – Balance of State 
Department of Agricultural Economics 
C. Walters, S. Banerjee, E. Yiannaka 
U.S. Department of Agriculture-National Institute of Food and Agriculture 
Northern Plains Regional Farm Business Management and Benchmarking Partnership 2021 
Department of Agricultural Economics/Department of Agronomy and Horticulture/Department of Statistics 
T. Mieno, L. Puntel, S. VanderPlas 
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 
Improving the Economic and Ecological Sustainability of U.S. Crop Production through On-Farm Precision Experimentation 
Department of Biological Systems Engineering/Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
T. Brown-Brandl, E. Psota 
Michigan State University 
FACT-CIN: A Coordinated Innovation Network for Advancing Computer Vision in Precision Livestock Farming 
Department of Chemistry 
A. Sinitskii 
University of Pittsburgh 
Topological Spin Qubits Based on Graphene Nanoribbons 
Department of Chemistry/Nebraska Water Center 
D. Hage, D. Snow 
National Science Foundation 
Ultrafast Affinity Extraction Fundamental Studies and Use in Environmental Applications 
Department of Computer Science and Engineering 
T. Nguyen 
SHF: Medium: Ensuring Safety and Liveness of Modern Systems through Dynamic Temporal Analysis 
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 
L. Elkins 
CAREER: Modeling Two-Phase Flow, Multi-Lithologic Melting, and Chemical Disequilibrium with Uranium-Series Isotopes 
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences/University Libraries/University of Nebraska State Museum 
R. Secord, J. Diamond 
Paleoenvironmental and Paleoecological Responses to Climate Change in the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum 
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 
P. Rao, K. Cole 
UFAST: Ultrafast Additive Simulation Technology 
Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders 
A. Wragge 
Nebraska Department of Education 
Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network, State Coordinator Project 2021-22 
Department of Statistics 
C. Bilder 
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases 
Group Testing for Infectious Disease Detection 
Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction/Department of Biological Systems Engineering 
E. Erdogmus Skourup, H. Diefes-Dux, K. Kim, I. Konstantzos, J. Lather, J. Lau, E. Ryherd 
Virtual/Augmented Discipline Exploration Rotations (VADERs) for Improved Engineering Student Engagement, Self-Efficacy, Diversity Awareness, and Retention 
Nebraska Local Technical Assistance Program 
 M. Doht 
Nebraska Department of Transportation 
Nebraska Local Technical Assistance Program FY22 

Nebraska State Forest Service 
J. Erixson 
USDA-Forest Service 
Chadron Creek (US 385) – Deadhorse Creek Management Unit (2) 

Nebraska Water Center 
D. Snow 
University of Kentucky Research Foundation 
Photodegradation of Neonicotinoids in Rivers Adjacent to Agricultural Intensive Regions: A Novel Water Quality Monitoring Approach 

Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education/Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication/Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education/ College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Dean’s Office/Department of Chemistry/Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences/Department of Physics and Astronomy/Social and Behavioral Science Research Consortium 
E. Lewis, D. Claes, D. Harwood, B. Helding, T. Heng-Moss, G. Matkin, L. McElravy, D. Menon, A. Moon, M. Searls, W. Smith 
Meeting the Needs of Diverse Students through a Next Generation of Science Teacher-Leadership in Nebraska 
West Central Research and Extension Center/Department of Agronomy and Horticulture/Department of Animal Science/Department of Biological Systems Engineering/Panhandle Research and Extension Center 
T. Mulliniks, Y. Shi, M. Stephenson, Y. Xiong 
USDA-Agricultural Research Service 
Improving Livestock Production through the Development of Precision Rangeland Management Technologies 

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