Top Awards from Public Sponsors, March 2018

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Posted May 4, 2018 by Ashley Washburn

The following list of awards from public entities includes all arts and humanities grants of $10,000 or more and all other grants of $200,000 or more between Feb. 16, 2018, and March 15, 2018, as reported through NUgrant, the university’s electronic research administration system.

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture/Department of Agricultural Economics/Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute 
P. Grassini, N. Brozovic, K. Gibson, J. Rattalino Edreira
U.S. Department of Agriculture-National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Developing a Platform to Monitor N Footprint in Agro-Ecosystems

Department of Animal Science
S. Fernando, G. Morota, H. Paz Manzano, M. Spangler
Moving Beyond Rumen Microbiota Composition to Identify Interactions between Host Genotype and Rumen Function towards Identifying Genetic Markers and Microbial Functions that Influence Feed Efficiency

Department of Biochemistry/Department of Chemistry/Department of Plant Pathology/School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
D. Becker, J. Adamec, J. Alfano, L. Du, R. Franco Cruz, O. Khalimonchuk, J. Lee, S. Ro, J. Stone, M. Wilson, L. Zhang
National Science Foundation
REU Site: Training in Redox Biology

Department of Biological Systems Engineering
S. Pitla, R. Hoy, J. Luck, R. Rohrer
In-field Tractor Operational Load Profile Generation in Support of Advanced Tractor Testing in Mixed-Mode Power States

Department of Biological Systems Engineering/Nebraska Water Center
T. Messer, D. Snow
Photodegradation of Insecticides in Rivers Adjacent to Agricultural Intensive Regions: A Novel Water Quality Monitoring Approach

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
S. Dishari
CAREER: Confined Ionomeric Systems and Imaging of Ionic Distribution

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
L. Elkins, C. Burberry
Testing Extrusion Tectonics, Rifting and Lithosphere-asthenosphere Coupling Models for the Central Highlands Diffuse Igneous Province, Vietnam

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
S. Balkir, M. Bauer, M. Hoffman
Kansas State University
Low-profile PMT Scintillator Read-out System

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
P. Rao
CAREER: Smart Additive Manufacturing

Department of Physics and Astronomy
D. Umstadter, S. Banerjee, S. Chen
National Strategic Research Institute at the University of Nebraska
Detection of Buried and Hidden Explosives Using Laser-driven High-energy Electron Beams

Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design/Nebraska 4-H State Office/Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies
S. Kim, M. De Guzman, A. Guru, C. Nicholas
Leveraging Community Connections, Local Issues and Youth High-tech Entrepreneurship Education to Nurture Rural Economic Opportunities

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