SciComm 2022 scheduled Aug. 17-19

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Posted August 1, 2022 by Dan Moser

SciComm 2022: Sharing Science in a Polarized World will help participants develop effective strategies for engaging diverse audiences with science. 

Registration deadline is Aug. 10 for the Aug. 17-19 virtual conference

Hosted biennially by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the SciComm conference brings together people who use science communication in diverse careers, including scientists, students, discipline-based education researchers, K-12 teachers, science learning researchers and evaluators, policymakers, formal and informal science learning providers and others. 

SciComm 2022 includes keynote and featured speakers, workshops, panels, a film festival, a Science Slam and 15-minute talks from conference attendees, supplemented by in-person activities for local participants.  

Speakers include:  

The schedule includes four workshops focused on developing skills for inclusive science communication, inclusive mentoring, depolarizing science communication and democratizing science, all Aug. 17; three expert panels: Community-Engaged Science, Aug. 17; Communicating Complexity, Aug. 18; and Religion, Science Communication and Climate Change, Aug. 19; oral presentations, Aug. 18-19; a virtual Science Slam and in-person watch party, Aug. 18; an online film festival; and opportunities for virtual and in-person networking all three days.  

Registration is $25 for students and virtual-only attendees, and $50 for general in-person attendees. The registration fee can be paid with a cost object. If cost is an obstacle to attending, email describing your circumstances. 

For more information, contact Jocelyn Bosley, ORED research impact coordinator. 

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