NUtech Ventures introduces online disclosure platform

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Posted April 3, 2020 by Alyssa Amen

NUtech Ventures has launched an online platform to help University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers submit disclosures for new inventions, biological materials, software and mobile applications, and plant varieties and germplasm.

Researchers can access the platform on any device using their UNL login credentials.

NUtech Ventures’ new online platform streamlines the disclosure process for Nebraska researchers. The above screenshot shows the homepage of the new platform.

“We want to streamline the disclosure process, making it easier for faculty and our team,” said Courtney Grate, NUtech intellectual property manager. “Our goal is to make this process more efficient for everyone involved.”

Benefits of the new platform include:

For researchers, submitting a disclosure is the first step in possible commercialization. NUtech Ventures staff use the disclosure to help assess an invention’s market potential, commercialization readiness and options for intellectual property.

Researchers are encouraged to submit a disclosure when:

Visit the NUtech website to learn more about submitting a disclosure.

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