NSF advances pilot program to broaden participation in computing

News for Researchers

September 27, 2018

The National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering is expanding a pilot program launched last year aimed at broadening participation in the computing field.

The program requires applicants to submit a Broadening Participation in Computing plan as part of their proposals, or by the time of award, for designated medium- and large-sized projects. The goal is to increase representation of people from underrepresented groups – including women, Native Americans, Hispanics, Alaskan Natives, Native Hawaiians, Native Pacific Islanders and people with disabilities – in the computing field.

Beginning with deadlines in fall 2018, all medium and large proposals submitted to CISE’s core research programs in the following divisions must have a BPC plan in place by the time of award:

The requirement also applies to the following programs:

Proposers should consult the program solicitation for details about BPC plan requirements. Generally, they are required to be a one- to three-page supplementary document.

The Broadening Participation in Computing webpage and the FAQ site provide additional information.

Proposers should contact their NSF program officer with questions.

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