New NSF mentoring requirements for graduate students

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Posted May 3, 2024 by Office of Research and Economic Development

Starting May 20, all proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation that include “substantial” support for graduate students must have a mentoring plan.

According to the webinar sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools on April 23, “substantial” is defined as equivalent to at least one “person month” per year and includes a stipend and/or tuition. An Individual Development Plan detailing the mentoring plan for graduate students can be up to one page. If appropriate, the IDP can be combined with a postdoc plan, but it is important that the narrative highlights any differences in approach. IDPs must be updated annually, and it will be the principal investigator’s responsibility to certify that the plan exists and has been updated in the annual and final progress reports.

UNL’s Office of Graduate Studies has a template for developing your plan. Graduate Studies also accepts requests from departments, units, colleges and student groups to present a seminar or workshop on IDP development at an organizational meeting or during a class session. These requirements are detailed in the Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (NSF 24-1). Investigators are encouraged to reach out and discuss these and other proposal requirements and ideas with the designated NSF program contact.

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