Nature Photonics August 2017

High-order Multiphoton Thomson Scattering

On the Cover: Artist’s impression of high-order multiphoton Thomson scattering. Laser light is focused to a billion-times higher brightness than the surface of the sun and interacts with an electron beam. The resulting figure-of-eight electron-quiver motion generates a high-energy X-ray photon with novel characteristics.

Image: Wenchao Yan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Cover Design: Bethany Vukomanovic

Wenchao Yan, Colton Fruhling, Grigory Golovin, Daniel Haden, Ji Luo, Ping Zhang, Baozhen Zhao, Jun Zhang, Cheng Liu, Min Chen, Shouyuan Chen, Sudeep Banerjee and Donald Umstadter. August 2017. High-order multiphoton Thomson scatteringNature Photonics 11, pp. 514-520.

Wenchao Yan and Ping Zhang are postdoctoral research associates in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Colton Fruhling and Daniel Haden are graduate research assistants in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Grigory Golovin is a senior research associate in physics and astronomy. Baozhen Zhao and Jun Zhang are members of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Cheng Liu is a scientist at the Extreme Light Laboratory. Shouyuan Chen and Sudeep Banerjee are research associate professors in the Extreme Light Laboratory. Donald Umstadter is the Leland and Dorothy Olson Professor of Physics and director of the Extreme Light Laboratory.

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