NASIS offers opportunity for Husker researchers to collect pilot data

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Posted August 31, 2023 by Tiffany Lee

The Bureau of Sociological Research invites University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers to participate in the 2024 Winter Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey, a cost-effective method for collecting pilot data. Nov. 1 is the deadline to indicate interest in participating in the 2024 Winter NASIS.

The process is beginning earlier this year in response to UNL researchers’ heightened interest in participating in NASIS.

NASIS, a probability-based mail and web survey of around 1,000 Nebraska adults, is recognized by researchers, state agencies and legislators as a scientific way to measure public opinion and behaviors related to various issues Nebraskans face. It is a cost-effective approach for collecting survey data because the expense for obtaining basic demographic information, including age, sex, family and employment, is shared by all participating researchers.   

Beyond this basic information, BOSR works with researchers to develop survey questions for NASIS that align with their individual needs and interests. The cost is $7,500 per page and is prorated if less than a page is used. 

BOSR shares the data with only the client until one year later, when it becomes publicly available. As such, researchers have one year to conduct their analyses before anyone else may access the data.

Data collection is scheduled to begin in January 2024, with client data delivered in May. Researchers interested in participating should contact Amanda Ganshert, senior project manager in BOSR, who can review research needs and assess how NASIS might be used to meet them. The NASIS website provides more information about the survey. 

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