Nanotechnology, 11 March 2009

Self-assembly of Magnetic Ni Nanoparticles into 1D Arrays with Antiferromagnetic Order

On the Cover: Using superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometry and magnetic force microscopy (MFM, researchers studied the magnetic properties of isolated nanoparticles and interacting nanochains formed by the self-assembly of Ni nanoparticles. Single-domain Ni nanoparticles spontaneously form one-dimensional (1D) chains under the influence of an external magnetic field. Furthermore, such magnetic field-driven self-assembly in conjunction with surface templating produces regular arrays of 1D nanochains with antiferromagnetic intra-chain order, in striking contrast to what is found for non-interacting nanoparticle assemblies within the chains.

V Bliznyuk, S Singamaneni, S Sahoo, S Polisetty, Xi He and Ch Binek. 11 March 2009. Self-assembly of magnetic Ni nanoparticles into 1D arrays with antiferromagnetic order. Nanotechnology 20 (10).

Christian Binek is associate professor of physics and astronomy.

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