Mendeley and RefWorks citation managers now require plug-ins

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Posted September 2, 2022 by Dan Moser

Two reference managers used by University Libraries now require a plug-in available from Microsoft’s application store when used in conjunction with Word. 

Mendeley and RefWorks are affected by this update. The other reference managers, Zotero and EndNote, are not affected. 

Reference or citation managers are important tools for advanced researchers. At their most basic level, they help users create citations. At their most sophisticated level, reference managers offer advanced features to network and share citations with colleagues.  

To support campus users of Mendeley and RefWorks, University Libraries partnered with University of Nebraska Information Technology Services to make the newest versions of these tools available to UNL faculty, staff and students. These plug-ins have gone through a security review by NU ITS and are approved for use.  

To use Mendeley and RefWorks, UNL users will need to opt in to the plug-in(s) they want to use alongside the enterprise version of Word. Once a user has opted in, the relevant plug-in(s) will be installed in both the user’s web version of Word as well as in the user’s installed desktop version. 

More information is available on the Researcher Support webpage, including instructions and information on other reference managers the libraries’ team supports.  

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